Friday Night with Aaron

Well after a long week, tonight finally arrived, Turk, Mike and I went over to Valerie and Rochelle’s to see Aaron, they made us a wonderful meal, we took Aaron out to see all the pretty Christmas lights, he loved it. I have really enjoyed watching him grow over this past year. I sure love that little boy. Tomorrow I was looking forward to a little cleaning and relaxation along with a little shopping, but I forgot we have a Christmas party to attend tomorrow as well. Give me some energy! I posted a few other pictures I have of my great great grandfather in the entry below. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Today is World’s Aids Day, I’m remembering, I’m sharing. You are remembered Dizz, you will always be in my heart and memories.

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8 Responses to “Friday Night with Aaron”

  1. You probably didn’t think of it when you posted this, Derek (maybe you did) but you’ve shown how life comes full circle. One life ends, as treasured as the person may be, and a new life is here for you to love and adore. Were it not for the new loves to replace the ones we lose in our lives, it would all be unbearable and unfair. You made me smile.

  2. Derek…

    I so love seeing pics of you and Mike with Aaron. You make quite the ‘dads!!!’ I mean that! I’m going to shot for that call tomorrow (Saturday).

  3. Geez! Is that all you gay guys do? – hang out with other cute guys on a Friday night? LOL! [He’s is so cute!]

  4. Three gorgeous men! GREAT photos!

  5. nothing like a tot to make christmas magical and marvelous!
    Good photos as always!

  6. He is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing!1

  7. He is SO CUTE – just like the two guys holding him! Hope you both have a wonderful weekend…

  8. What a sweetie…..children are such a great reminder of where we came from and where we need to be going. We’ve forgotten SO much. Here’s to three beautiful men……….

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