Way Back Wednesday

This is a painting of my great great grandfather, Ras, the picture was originally drawn in the 1860’s by his brother in law. He didn’t fight in the civil war, he was actually wearing his brother’s Baldwin Blues uniform, he was too young to actually fight in the civil war, just under age, he was like 13, or 14. But he always wanted to be a soldier so I guess that’s why he was drawn in the uniform. The picture ended up with his daughter who later in the 30’s got a painter to colorize it or paint it, but I’m not sure what his name was. There are many interesting stories about him, and he was just written about in a book up in North Georgia that just came out, I have ordered it but havn’t received it yet. Yes, he was a moonshiner. Mike bought the new Superman movie and we’re about to watch it. I put some of my Thanksgiving pictures over at http://derekveal.blogspot.com/ having problems again posting them here for some reason, I get about one, and then it locks on me. Decided to add a few more pictures of him.

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7 Responses to “Way Back Wednesday”

  1. Nice painting. Who painted it? Elabotate. Enjoy Superman…

  2. I’m curious as to who painted the pic too. You two guys are to funny when it comes to your TV shows and movies. But heck, that can be really good ‘snuggle’ time!!!

  3. I loved the new Superman movie!!

  4. The new Superman movie, let me know if its as good as I’ve heard, I haven’t seen it yet.

  5. Hope you enjoyed Superman Returns.
    I really liked it. Hot Superman!!

  6. these old photos and paintings from the 1860s era make nearly all the man woofy and bearish
    We need Grant back in office.

  7. DON’T Lie! You know that is a Color by Numbers paining! LOL No seriously that is very cool that you have something like that. My mom has a photograph of my Great Grandfather that was done when he was in the British Military. It’s no painting but it is pretty cool. She got it framed to save it from being destroyed. It’s a very cool picture.

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