Monday Photo Shoot: What’s Pretty

John’s Monday Photo shoot over at

My Monday Photo Shoot: You know what you think is pretty. Show us. It can be a person, a place, or thing, just as long as the primary reaction you (and hopefully others) get from seeing it is, my, that’s pretty. It’s so simple that your major difficulty, I expect, will be narrowing down the field to one thing.

No this one was easy as could be, Pretty to me is my six year old niece. She is the perfect little model for me, she’s quite the natural, although we spent much time doing little pranks that Uncle Derek or should I say (Uncle Dig-It) since they are all calling me this now taught her that weren’t so pretty. She’s really the sweetest thing in the world to me. Once again as I left she made sure she was the last one to say goodbye, as she followed me to my car showing me where she wrote I love you in the dust on the bumper of the car, yes we have lots of dirt roads. She blew me kisses till I couldn’t see her anymore just like last time.


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6 Responses to “Monday Photo Shoot: What’s Pretty”

  1. Those kinda moments…the blown kisses and the “I love you’s” in the bumper are what make returning over and over so special (and make it hard to leave). don’t you just want to gobble ’em up somme times?!

  2. This is a nice post.

    I love how you guys seem to really care about each other.

    She is quite the little model isn’t she.

    Very beautiful.
    Very pretty.

  3. That is so sweet! And she is so pretty! Look at those eyes, those beautiful, beautiful eyes!!!

  4. You are SO TALENTED… these are wonderful shots and she is SO CUTE…

  5. She is just a pretty as her Uncle Dig-It. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words….or more

  6. Adorable Pics

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