Made it Home

I made it home, boy was it a rough ride, I sat in hour traffic because of a road block they did tonight, thank goodness I had my licence and insurance. Finally made it home. This picture was taken last Thanksgiving by Uncle Derek, I’ll have to take another one of them on the rock so you can see how much they’ve changed in one year. We had a nice night and hung out, Autumn and I have been playing pranks, we even put plastic wrap on one of the toilets, Sherry may not like that one when she wakes up in the morning. Autumn put vaseline on one of the other toilets, and got Lance’s girlfriend Amy. Now if we can just get Lance. Well everyone I’m off to dreamland, Happy Thanksgiving, oh boy do I look forward to that dressing tomorrow.


~ by deveil on NovemberUTCb000000amThu, 23 Nov 2006 06:13:00 +000006 19, 2007.

9 Responses to “Made it Home”

  1. Such childish pranks…..I love it! I wish Icould be a fly on the wall watching all of it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Have a wonderful holiday with your family Derek. I look forward to making the treck up to see you soon!!

  3. So there should be four kids on that rock. lol

    I’d say have fun, but I think you already are!?

  4. Glad that you are safely there. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Derek

  6. LOL Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you get a nice stuffing.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  9. Love it. Have you done the one with the sink handheld sprayer. you tape the sprayer in so when someone turns the water on they get zapped. It’s funny.

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