Tuesday Tales

Since I’m leaving tomorrow for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d start new entries on Tuesday, This Tuesday Tale is on the Thanksgiving Turkey. Each year brings many things to be thankful for, I’m looking forward to seeing my family again on Thanksgiving. It also makes me think of Thanksgivings past. My Nana, had many animals, cats, dog, birds, and chickens, she called them all her pets, and I loved them all. A while before thanksgiving she got a new animal, I was shocked when she told me it was a turkey. I was all excited when I got there, I’d never seen a turkey before. We got there but the turkey was nowhere to be found, but inside the house I would hear every once in a while a gobble, gobble, gobble. I’d look out the windows and the door but to no avail, no turkey. Finally I decided I was going to find that turkey, so I walked outside, and the time I walked off the front porch, from the sky, or really from on top of the house, the turkey comes across my neck attacking me, I was probably only 7 or 8 at the time, but I took off screaming with a turkey attached to my neck, finally I managed to get him off, and I ran screaming the whole way to the front door, crying and screaming I made it in to everyone laughing at me. For the next few months this turkey lived on top of the house, or far as I know he did, because everytime I went to Nana’s he was always waiting on top of the house to chase me to the car when I left, and ready to attack when I got there, then November came and Thanksgiving, and from that day forward no more mean Turkey. I think I even got pleasure out of the fact that I knew it was that mean ass turkey we were all eating, and I didn’t have to worry about nothing chasing me when I left.
Wishing you all beautiful moments, happy reflections, and a wonderful Thanksgiving season! I’m going to miss Mike, he’s spending Thanksgiving with his family, and has to work Friday, so he can’t go home with me this year.

One more tale while I’m at it, and since I read Pete’s comment. Sometime Thanksgiving memories are made and you can’t outgrow, when I was about 11 or 12 after Thanksgiving, my Mema asked me to take the leftover cranberrysauce and put in the outside refrigerator, we had a big family and she planned on using it again the next day. But when I went outside I took it and poured it in my dog Doby the Doberman’s dogfood bowl. The next day she asked me to go get it and I told her I had fed it too the dog, all these dirty word came spurting from her mouth in a house of about 14. So every year from that year everyone joked me, and every year since they tell me don’t feed the dog the cranberry sauce, even my Mema said it all the way up to her last year with us. The first year was in anger, but every year after it was love.


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9 Responses to “Tuesday Tales”

  1. I bet you did enjoy that turkey. Revenge is a dish best served roasted in the oven, basted with stuffing and mashed potatoes. Oh yea and don’t forget the cranberry sauce.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Best damned turkey you’ve ever eaten, wasn’t it? It’s okay you can tell me…

  4. Have a great time! Too bad Mike cannot be with you!

  5. Tuesday’s are now special! Hope you have a great holiday my friend… be careful and travel safe… serves that Turkey right!

  6. Ha Ha.
    Now that’s a funny story, but I guess you guys got the last laugh. I’m just trying to picture you with a turkey hanging from your neck.
    Have a safe trip and a happy holiday 🙂

  7. indeed; have a good holiday however you may!

  8. I just love coming here and read you. You always make me laugh.

    Understand that I laugh with you.
    Ok maybe sometimes at you. lol

    A turkey on the roof? Attacking you? lol

    I’d love a pic of that. lol

    Have fun D!?

    Say hi to Mike!?

    Be safe!

    I’ll be thankful!?

  9. Leave it to Pete, Derek, to inspire you to cough up an addendum to your family story. LOVE IT!! I have this awefully funny visual of you running around the front yard with this turkey clinging to you and pecking away. LMAO!~

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