Land of the Lost, Will where are you I need a back massage

Well as many of us I was so looking forward to my weekend. I worked hard all week, and what happens a few hours before I get off work. I turned my neck and it felt like a rubberband popped. So last night I got home got in bed, and crashed for a few hours being waken by Mike, he went and got me some of those heat magnet things to put on your neck and a little nourishment which I was appreciative for, I stayed up wanting to write in my blog but the pain was too much so I crashed once again. No I’m up still hurting, but not in to much pain as long as I don’t move my neck in any direction. This Saturday morning takes me back to those Saturday mornings I used to wait so happily for. I would wake up early before the network was even on, just some color scheme, then the song saluting our country, then HR Puffenstuff, followed by a cartoon after cartoon until lunch time, my favorite of them all was “Land of the Lost” Oh what a crush I had on Will. I was thinking about a massage with some his hands and maybe some of those magic crystals may do the trick. My poor little sister Sherry, after lunch had to put up with me and my imagination, I made her braid her hair like Holly, and we would run around in the cow field with me screaming, “Run Sherry run, there’s a dinasaur”, I’m not sure how old she was when she figured out we ate cows, and they don’t eat us. We would hide in our big tree, which I told her was a cave, battling imaginary dinasaurs, with our faithful Doberman dog, which I called Cha-Ka when I was in my imaginary world, he was just Doby the Doberman in real life. Life was fun and easy back in those days. Sometimes I still go back for visit’s, at least it makes the pain in my neck go away for a few minutes.


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7 Responses to “Land of the Lost, Will where are you I need a back massage”

  1. Bud, we must be on the same wavelength. Yestday I was making coffee at lunch and started singing the theme song to Land of the Lost. I too thought will was dreamy…

    I hope you get better. Take it easy on the neck. Have Mike give you some good rub downs.

  2. Oh no, not you too? Land of the Lost was one of my favorites, yes probably because of Will, I’ll admit it. Saturday mornings with no cares, no worries, what would we do just to be a kid again. Sorry to hear about the neck, I hope the heat magnets did the trick.

  3. Get that neck well bud! I had a funny feeling I wouldn’t hear from you this morning after seeing your email last night mentioning that you had hurt your neck. It always gets worse before it gets better. Ice and heat!!! We’ll talk soon.

    Ya know I honestly don’t remember THE LAND OF THE LOST, but 7-8 years in age difference might explain it.

  4. I thought that Will was hot too! (He was on some soap opera around the same time.)

    In case you didn’t know, Land of the Lost (at least Season One) is out on DVD!

  5. LOL.
    What a blast from the past! I loved Land of the Lost! I still call my sister Cha-Ka to this day, and she still gives me kidney punches đŸ™‚

  6. I was the same way.

    Saturday morning was cartoon on top of cartoon.

    I tried to watch the new ones, they’re all the same. And ruff too.

    And now you have to have the “cartoon channel” to be able to watch them.

    I prefered our Saturday mornings.

  7. Man…I always feel deprived when I hear about Saturday morning tv viewing in the US. I grew up in two channel land (Ireland in the 70s). Nothing but westerns all morning.

    Hope your neck is ok…..Motrin….

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