The rest of the weekend and our girlfriends

Our girlfriends are headed to Europe for a few weeks. They are so sweet, the both of em. I wish we were going. Hope ya’ll have fun! Yesterday was really nice, I washed clothes and shopped, washed the dog, then our friend Turk had us over for dinner for Shrimp and Chicken, and I brought cheesecake. Everything was delicious. Took Abby too, and she saw ducks and just loved playing outside. We watched “The Island and Flight 93. Then today at church my old roomate and friend Sherri surprised me at church, Mike jokinging took a picture of us from the back row, her with her arm around me, he joked later saying I know who wears the pants in this family. It was so good seeing her as always, she always brightens my day. Now I’m home my sweetie has taken a nap, and now he’s laying on the couch beside me, so it’s time to sign off and go snuggle, if he’ll let me.


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7 Responses to “The rest of the weekend and our girlfriends”

  1. You always have the best pictures!

  2. You do have the best photos!!
    I’m curious what camera you use. I’m going to be in the market for a new one in a few months.
    The blonde is beautiful, looks like a model.

  3. Sunday Snuggles – does it get any better than that?

  4. You have such an eye for photography. Sounds like a nice weekend.

  5. Ok Derek…

    I want to know if that big lug of a bear let you snuggle with him. Of course I already know he was stone-butt naked! Ok I am getting all tingly down yonder so I best stop talking about this topic.

  6. Your photos are wonderful. The last one is awesome. Love the black and white

  7. snuggle sounds wonderful

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