Sweet little black girl

I once thought I couldn’t love a lab as much as I did “Baby”, but “Abby” is such a wonderful girl, so sweet, so beautiful, so obedient. She has my heart. I love taking pictures of her, she’s such a sweet model. This was at sunset down on the St. Johns River. Busy day today, I’m very tired, and on my way to a church meeting. I’m ready to curl up and vege. Hope everyone voted today! I’m glad I went early.


~ by deveil on NovemberUTCb000000pmTue, 07 Nov 2006 23:41:00 +000006 19, 2007.

12 Responses to “Sweet little black girl”

  1. Beautiful girl!?

    Very nice picture!?

  2. She’s a darling! I found most black labs to be great dogs.

    My princess sends her love.

  3. Wow shes beautiful! Get your meeting done and snuggle up next to that bear of yours.

  4. we are thinking of getting a lab in 2007; they look marvelous!

  5. Aww, I didn’t know you had a dog. She’s a cutie.
    I’m glad I hit the polls early too. Great to see the results are showing people are voting for changes!

  6. Voting was out of the way, thank goodness, on Saturday…absentee ballot…the only way to go.

    and yes, Abby is a definite cutie! And such the best demeanor. I hardly new she was around when I visited a few weeks back. So I know why Mike loves her to death too.

  7. What a cutie — just like her daddy!

  8. SHe is such a sweetie! Be careful, she may end up in Orlando with Hampton!

  9. Love Abby!

    She’s a cutie – I love all labs all colors.

  10. I am partial to Labs…I was born in Labrador after all!!!! My favorite dog

  11. Abby’s a very beautiful girl.

  12. hmm..i had a gold lab growing up, my brother had a black one….the one dog i dog sit now and then is a brittish lab…cute puppy but what a handful

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