Hunk of the Week

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall who’s the Hunkiest of them all? Mike at is, it’s been a while since he’s been my hunk of the week, but honestly guys he’s my hunk everyday of the week. I’ve looked at people’s eyes ever since I was a little boy. In the bottom picture I wonder what he see’s when he look’s in the mirror in the morning, or afternoon, or evening. How does he see himself. He handed me his chinese character guess which one it is, of course the cock. (Rooster), It says he is proud of who he is, effecient and intellegiant, they love to show off their talents, they want to be the center of attention but at the same time are very generous to their friends and loved ones. They appear outwardly very strong willed and energetic but are actually full of fear and worries inside. Committed to themselves. They are hypercritical of everything and everyone, especially if they are not getting respect from others. They can be inflexible and compulsive, with opinions that tent toward fanaticism. They just want to strut their stuff, they are fashion gurus and are unafraid to create their own unique style. They want to be successful, and their enduring self-belief makes them sure cock sure, in fact-that they can handle everyone and everything. Eager to know all there is to know about any subject that interests them, they show impatientce and lack of humility. They want only the best. It might take a while to reach their goals, but it’s likely they’ll succeed as Cocks are generally too proud to accept less that the best. They are perfectionist, which serves their ambitions but may be hard on those around them.
This was his chinese symbol. I think he kind of likes it. In ways it does describe him, in ways I think it does not. So I wonder is this how you see yourself in the mirror when you look.

I look in the mirror to see you! I see beauty in those eyes..Mirror Mirror…You have spoken to me…you have a clear view. A tale of a hairy man and his mirror for two…Life beyond reflecting. Mirror Mirror…will the love escape. I am the one who found myself gazing at you from a new point of view. I only can guess what you think when you look in the mirror, but as each day passes I hope it is of love and you learn to love that person more each day.


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7 Responses to “Hunk of the Week”

  1. That is SO SWEET – what a GREAT choice!

  2. Ya know D,

    I think there is a lot of cock, OOPs! I mean rooster in Mike (ok now I have lost it….I’m in hysterics over what I almost typed, very naively I might add…Out of control laughing). I do agree that there are some that probably don’t fit his image too. I can’t see him as fanatical and I can’t see him as a fashion guru either (that’s not to say he can’t dress well). So here’s to an outstanding choice for hairy, hunky stud of the week. I still think Mike with his ‘teddybear’ is the best pic!!!


  3. He looks and sounds really cool. I want more, please.

  4. awe that’s nice!


  5. That was so nice. Cock eh? Could be worse it could of been Monkey…Is that a banana in your pants or are you just happy to see me….

  6. Mike’s a lucky man to have someone love him so much.

  7. Hey, I’m a cock too.

    (Not to be confused with a cockatoo.)

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