Aaron’s First Birthday Party

Aaron’s First birthday party was yesterday. Thomas the Train was the theme, we had such a good time, but it wore us out. Lot’s of little children. Aaron enjoyed it, but he was a little sleepy. But enjoyed all the attention. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. He enjoyed his cake as you can see in the pictures. We went out later with new friend Chris and Bill to dinner and then out with some friends. We saw that hot red haired Ruby Diamond again. He’s much hotter as a hairy boy. His partner lost the horns but I think he was still horny. A lot of our friends were out too so we had a lot of fun. Just got home from church. Ate well, the weather is just perfect here today. Well I’m going to go take a nap, I don’t get many of these.


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7 Responses to “Aaron’s First Birthday Party”

  1. Aaron is just adorable… looks like a little redhead himself…

    and BTW – I was in Jacksonville and you have a redheaded friend and you DID NOT introduce me…

    ~pout~ ~pout~ ~pout~

  2. Oh Spidie! Quit the pouting! You had an on-fire hot-blooded Italian with you.

    Love the pics Derek! I haven’t seen a photogenic child like him in a long time. Sounds like you had too much fun last night. Oh where is my social life?!

  3. What a cutie. I still eat my cake like that. Just a big old hand full and shove it in my mouth.

  4. Thomas the Train seems to be ‘big’ these days; the photos are lovely as always, Derek!

  5. What a cutie. Great photos. Aaron will have a mack daddy baby scrapbook.

  6. Looks like a happy baby. He is very lucky to have you!!

  7. That is one darling child. =)

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