I’m going to do this but I won’t tag anyone unless you want to do it.

*I AM: looking for myself
*I WANT: to find happiness like I look for a pair of matching socks
*I HAVE: faith and hope that God is working in my life
*I WISH: I would have spent more time with my Papa.
*I HATE: fear and the devil.
*I MISS: My grandparents.
*I FEAR: heartache
*I HEAR: a yawn from Mike laying on the couch.
*I WONDER: Why life has so many lessons?
*I LOVE: therefore I am
*I ALWAYS: think way to much
*I AM NOT: someone who gives up.
*I AM NOT ALWAYS: right but I think I am most of the time.
*I NEED: a quiet space for myself just to be with my thoughts
*I SHOULD: go give Mike a hug and tell him I love him.
*I LIKE this picture because it’s the only picture taken of me this past weekend and it was taken by my nephew Eli.


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8 Responses to “I”

  1. that’s a lovely little meme
    I hope to try it in november.

  2. I like it, I may need to do this one.

  3. Thanks for sharing….did you tell Mike and give him a hug?

  4. I am with Pete…I may want to do this one if I have some time. A little more of Derek shared…I like!

  5. *I WISH: that you would realize what a wonderful man you are, and how many lives you positivly impact and how lucky we all are to have you as a friend.

    That is my wish for you Derek…

  6. That is a great picture, Derek! Super!

    Your responses are great to read, too! We now have a better picture of who you are and confirmation that you are really a great guy!

  7. I like that meme a lot but my answers won’t hold a candle to yours. Nice job. =-)

  8. Can I say you look rather butch in that picture?

    And the lawn furniture in the background…OH MY!

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