Uncle Dig-It carves a pumpkin

I’m back from Georgia, Mike and I both have pretty bad colds. I’ll write more later, Saturday night I got was the babysitter while everyone went to a part from 5 till midnight. We had lots of fun. I took them to one of the big pastures and we played on the hay. Then came home and carved a pumpkin. I have a new nickname. Ethan who can’t say Derek calls me Uncle Dig-It, so now Autumn and Eli decided it’s so funny they are going to call me the same thing. The whole weekend was wonderful. More later, sniffles, Mike and I are on the couch watching Heroes. He has a new blog he’s trying out he likes better at http://www.maverickbear.typepad.com


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10 Responses to “Uncle Dig-It carves a pumpkin”

  1. What an awesome nickname. So cute!!
    I hope you get better.

  2. thanks for the photos; the classic pumpkin was heart warming as much as the tots.

  3. Hey Uncle Dig-it!

    Get yourself better. I’ll be waiting for your call but do it on the later side of my time zone…probably closer to 10pmish your time…unless you call on Friday or the weekend. Sounds like you had a blast. Nothing like some antics of kids to loosen you up, make you laugh, and take your worries away.

  4. Great pics of those cute kids. I’m now starting to feel the Halloween spirit. Hope you beat that cold!

  5. Haha! Kids are fun. They crack me up with the things they come up with – too funny…Sorry to hear everyone’s sick though, good to hear you had a wonderful weekend with Mike. (Fluids and rest!!)

  6. Aw Dig-it you need to get better. Cuddle up with Mike and maybe your body heat will sweat it out of the both of you or else you too can make some heat…

  7. Thank you Derek for those pictures. Very cute kids.

    I’m sure I would have loved an uncle like you.

    Take care.

  8. You are ONE COOL UNCLE – Uncle Dig-it! They are great pics of beautiful kids – lucky man you are!

  9. Hey, I can Dig-it.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. Sniffles suck.

    Great kids. šŸ™‚

  10. Fabulous.

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