Way Back Wednesday

The Persian got me started on this a while back, I usually post in on my other website, but thought I may start doing it here as well. I’ve been getting all the old pictures together and made a scrapbook for this weekends reunions, my mom was funny, and said you better watch out, they will steal them pictures, so I’ve put a sealed clear sleeve over each page, to keep the greedy stealing fingers of her relatives off of them. This is my great grandmother and grandfather David and Ida. Hardworking folks. His family had money and life started off good for them. They had a nice home, he farmed the land, paid rent on the home. But poor David never learned to read or write. He made his payments on time monthly. But as he almost had the house paid for, the man who owned it said he had no record of payment, and David who didn’t know how to read or write, had no record as well, although he had been living on the land and knew he had made his payments each month. David and family lost the house of the picture they sit on. They left Dublin, Ga, and moved down to South Georgia, settling on my other great grandparents land and became tennant farmers for Arthur and Delilah. They were givin a house to live and helped farm my other great grandparents land until they saved up enough to buy their own home and land, and start farming it. My Nana Alice was David and Ida’s daughter, and my grandfather Willis was the son of the people they were tennant farmers for. Another thing I find interesting about David was known to have special pyschic powers. He knew things. He prayed to the moon, and he didn’t worship quite like other men. My grandmother always told me her father came from Native American, but I still have not been able to find out how. It’s possible, because my brick wall is with his mother. They say he put a hex on a man once, the man who screwed his family out of the first house they lived in. It wasn’t pretty what happened. My Nana also had some special psychic abilities, she could tell women what sex their child would be, and from what they say was always right. On Halloween she would be the fortune teller at the carnival. People to this day still come up to my mother and tell them stories of how my grandmother told them things that ended up coming true. My grandmother also had a way of knowing truth from lie. She would look at me and say Derek, are you sure that’s true? I would laugh and say how did you know. And yes even ole Derek has a few secret psychic powers, I’ll tell you about those another time.


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8 Responses to “Way Back Wednesday”

  1. No wonder you are a great man – you come from great people…

    Thanks for sharing more of your family with us Derek!

  2. Personal histories can be so fascinating. I hope you are writing this down elsewhere in addition to your blog so that the information will not get lost. Hopefully you may find a clue to solving the riddle of the Native American heritage.

  3. There are people who are just tuned into the other frequencies. I think the rest of the people have just tuned them out too busy with their daily lives.

    I have experienced somethings as well as my sister to make me a believer.

  4. i love old photos, especially of kin. Thanks for posting them.

  5. Interesting always to see family photos and to hear the story behind them.

  6. Interesting! Old photos are the best. I wonder what’ll happen with all these digital one’s…
    I’ve had some weird experiences myself, I think some people are just somehow “tuned in” and I’m not sure how to explain it…

  7. Hey Handsome!

    How was your weekend? Just checking in to see how you are doing… drop me a note or give me a call!

  8. sure leave us hanging….Have a great week!

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