I’ve started doing something new. I walk a lot lately, and I always bring my camera. This lady and I ended up on the same side of the street walking home, she greeted me with a big smile. We actually had left a place at the same time, I told her because of my back hurting, she said she had left for the same reason, and started going into the pain blocks and a few of her ailments. With camera and passing flowers I asked her could I take her picture since we were both walking home. After that she opened up. She was a retired nurse for a nursing home, she had messed up a disc helping a patient that had fallen. She tried teaching school for a while also, but the pain go to be too much. We only walked three blocks before I turned off to my place, but it was a nice three block walk. I shook hands with her told her my name, and she told me her name was Lily.


~ by deveil on OctoberUTCb000000pmWed, 18 Oct 2006 23:36:00 +000006 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Lilly”

  1. Wonderful! I wish we could all reach out like that on a regular basis, and make a connection with a stranger, finding things in common, and other things that make each person unique. Good for you! And good for her. too.

  2. How sweet you have such a big heart. Don’t ever change. Promise!

  3. what a gorgeous big pleasant smile on her face. this is just got “warm fuzzy” written all over it.

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