Last Night

Well the guys rolled in around 6:30 last night, Mike and I were waiting on the street corner to welcome them, with our shirts off. It was awesome to see them instantly. We chatted for a while and caught up, then headed out to Mossfire to get Mojito’s, but they were out so we got a drink and left there, we took them down on the river and took a few pictures by the river and fountain, as you can see from Mike’s picture he had to go really bad. We headed off to the Brick and had a nice dinner, the music was nice and the company even better. Tony and I had some Hawaiian martini’s, after two I think I was cut off. The food was wonderful. We left there and had to take them out to one of our hangouts 616, it has an outside bar, we saw some of our friends and introduced them to them. We made it a pretty early night because Mike had to get to work early this morning. I’m still a little tired, I stayed up a little later, and we got up pretty early and hit the town. More pictures coming from today. Boy did Tony love the camera, he’s a natural don’t you think.


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4 Responses to “Last Night”

  1. Derek…

    An awesome Friday night and great Saturday adventure. You and Mike are awesome! I would not have missed seeing you guys in all the world after making this trip back out to Florida. I only hope you guys will plan a trip out my ay once I am done with school and have my own place.

    Mike…you have a special soulmate in Derek. You are lucky!!! Believe it in every way.

  2. Who are you kidding that’s the corner you and Mike are always working…LOL. Sounds hot, shirts off and all.

  3. I can’t tell you both what a great time I had Friday night and Saturday… you two are the absolute BEST… now, you OWE me a trip to Orlando…

  4. Yowsie! Great shots, especially the last one of Stroker šŸ˜›

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