Beautiful Perfect Day

Men and Sailors, Men and bronze statues of cat’s with tails shaped like, well just look. Mike got up early this morning and went to work. We started the day off quite early, by walking down by the river, we walked a long ways to one place, but it didn’t open till 11, so we just enjoyed our walk by the river. We met this sailor, I swear he was smiling when Tony decided to give him some tongue. It was just a beautiful day, couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. I really enjoyed the guys coming up. We found a nice place on the water and had lunch. We just enjoyed the city, the weather, and each other. We took the water taxi across the river, then headed over to a few more places for some photo ops. This is just a few pictures, saving more for later, you know I could start a portfolio now for Tony. Well Mike is home, unwinding from a long day at work. We aren’t going to be able to make it to Orlando for all the fun. I’m just thankful I got to see Brett and Tony. They really made my whole weekend. More pictures coming later. I got this one picture of Tony that turned out pretty wild, I had my aperature set funny, but I like the way it turned out. He kind of looks like a leather stud or something.

~ by deveil on OctoberUTCb000000pmSat, 14 Oct 2006 21:54:00 +000006 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “Beautiful Perfect Day”

  1. Looks like fun. Thundercats HO!

  2. LOL. I love the pics with the statues. Too funny!!!

  3. Such naughty inuendos. How does one find sex in the content of a city walk. LMAO.

  4. And what DOES the back of your cap say Derek? HEY – at least the world now knows I am versitle!

  5. I think that criminal charges could be filed LOL. Inanimate objects being molested in the open public, what will you guys think of next? LOL It was great talking to you also Derek! Love the southern accent.

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