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Mike wanted to go see “The Covenent” so Mike, Turk, and I went to see it tonight, it was o.k. It was the covenant of the tight ab swim team. I thought the swimming scenes were hot, and although the younger guys aren’t what I find attractive, this guy was really hot to me. If anyone has pictures from the swimming scenes or the shower scene afterwards, send them my way. Mike had to hit me in the movie cause I gasped so loud when they walked out in their little tighties. Makes me miss my swim team days. Although I hated wearing the skibbies, I loved my days of swimming. I really wasn’t that crazy about the movie, but it was o.k. I wanted to go see Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the beginning, but Mike was too scared.


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6 Responses to “Call Me”

  1. I think I would have been peeing in my pants had I heard you gasp at the guys…to funny. I am envisioning the expression on your face too, chuckling.

    See you guys Friday!!! Yippee. Tell MIke he’s coming to Pride, even if we have to drag his naked body out of the house!

  2. No “Chainsaw” for me thankyou
    I rely on you to tell me how it goes and give me a summary review!

  3. Men in speedos = good movie regardless!

    And as for Mike – tell him to pack his underoos and get ready – he is coming back with us on Saturday for Pride – tell Mike he is welcome to sit around my house naked while he is here! SOMEONE needs to break in my sofa bed – and I would LOVE for it to be you two…

  4. A crazy man with a chainsaw or cute guys in speedos, it is a hard decision to make!?



  5. I often wondered why the speedos? What I mean by that is why wear anything at all? If they are needed for support, swimmers might as well wear saran wrap. Come, to think of it,…

  6. Now I am intrigued to go see this movie! I saw the original chainsaw movie when I was too young to have seen it and now I cringe thinking about this new one! I think I’ll miss that one even though I love a good scary movie.

    Hope you have a great week-Jeff

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