She was a fisherwoman

Do you ever see a picture and memories start to flood back. This is how I remember my Nana. The picture on the top. Her family reunion is coming up soon, and I’ve been doing lots of research on her family lately. So I guess that’s why the post tonight. I wrote about her the other day, but here’s another. I stayed at my Mema’s most weekend, but some weekends I would stay with my Nana. I wish I could have known her as a man, there’s so many questions I would ask her. I love to hear stories about her. I know she was truly happy before she died. She had found love late in life, and married Stacey, he was a good man, and brought much joy to her life. She was a very independent woman who could do anything that a man could do just about or better. If there’s one picture I would love to take, I would have to travel back in time, not so long ago give or take twenty years. That picture is at sunrise or sunset on a pond in south Georgia. There’s this red haired beauty out on her little canoe. Just sitting there peaceful in her thoughts… This lady would be my Nana. I’ve never seen a picture of her fishing, which I find odd especially since this was one of the things she loved to do. I know not the legend for sure how she came to love fishing so. I do know it is something she shared with her mother. One of the oldest fishing stories I know was of my Nana coming home and finding her mother wading far out in some pond, dress and apron and all as I picture it. When she decided to scold her mother, not to get out to far for she might fall in a hole and drown. “Fear not”, she told my Nana, if I fell in a hole, this big belly will keep me afloat. I guess writing about her, looking at old pictures definitely has me missing her. I wish I could just sit a day with her again, and do the thing I wasn’t that good at, being still, she kept busy, but she enjoyed just sitting in front of her house under the big tree and just watching nature. Everything was in bloom around her house, she had a way with plants and animal’s like I’ve never seen.


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4 Responses to “She was a fisherwoman”

  1. I love stories of the past. It something I don’t think we do enough of today. We seem to be in too much of a hurry to get through the day to stop and think about where we’ve come from.

    Your post makes me realize how much I missed out on by not knowing my grandmother. She died when I was only 6 months old and although I have heard lots of stories it’s no replacement for getting a hug from Granny.

  2. Awe D…another nice memory and kind words shared with all. I knew my dad’s mother but never had the pleasure of knowing my mom’s mother. Heck I only got to spend the first 10 years of my life with my mom’s dad (Pa, is what we called him) before he died of a massive heartattack. Miss him dearly as I do the rest of my granparents.

  3. That’s very touching.
    It makes me wish to, that I could have known my Grandpap later in life as a man. Memories can be such a powerful thing.

  4. My grandparents didn’t speak english very well so there was that barrier. My grandma showed her love through FOOD! Yum!
    I’d think you could celebrate your Nana memory by going fishing! I’d think she’d get a kick out of it watching you from beyond.
    It doesn’t just end with your grandparents either. When my mom died, I suddenly realized all that history and stories were gone too! It was probably the most terrible feeling I’ve ever known of course, but I was also deeply saddened too because she knew the entire family history so well, I’d come to depend on it. I wish I had written it down or tape recorded all the stories and taken careful notes!

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