Then there was Phil

To be honest I can’t remember how I met Phil. I think it was at a pool party. I remember our first walk together talking. I remember telling him, everyone falls in love with me after the first date. Why do I always meet the crazy ones, no one can fall in love after one date. I told him outloud, I don’t want to get serious, I want to have fun, play around, meet people, but in my head I was thinking. “This is getting old, I’m so ready to settle down again, please be that person.” So I put him through all kinds of tests, one being the will he fall for my friend John test. It seemed for some reason everyone always fell for my friend John, or so my friend John said. Well he fell for John, but hey I told him I didn’t want to get serious anyway. Although I really did, I don’t think he even knew this to this day. We did stay friends, and had some wild times. We even went to Chicago, and New Orleans not together, I went with Vic, I think I’ve written about him before, and he went with this bodybuilder guy. I do remember this fun shower while his bodybuilder friend was asleep though. Shame, shame. But my wild image was to change very shortly…….


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4 Responses to “Then there was Phil”

  1. I wanna hear more about the shower!

  2. Dang Derek…I’m with Mikey. You’re teasing us again we these hot stories and not finishing them. PUL-LEEEEZE!!!! (*snicker*)

  3. I love when you leave us hanging. I laugh at the comments you get. Keep em comming. Keep enticing us with your sorted history.

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