Cloggs and Bows oh my

Mike got his new clogs yesterday, I told them with the thing up in the back they looked like ladies shoes, so he wanted me to take a picture and ask everyone. We’re also getting ready for Halloween. He loved Lord of the Rings, but I told him this year he was doing drag. He’s a gay man, and every gay man has to do drag on Halloween at least once in their life. Do you think this is cruel? I told him I’d do it too, only I think I might enjoy it too much.

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14 Responses to “Cloggs and Bows oh my”

  1. I don’t know, but looking at Mike in that outfit, I’m pretty sure no one would dare say anythng LOL

    Looking great!

  2. The LOTR outfit: HOT!

    The clogs: not. (sorry, Mike)

    But I have a question: The weapons suggest Elvish to me, but I could not detect the pointy ears. What side are you on?

  3. OK…I did not check my posting for completeness, so I deleted it…the correct post is below!

    How could a sexy man wear those clogs??? Step out and away from the shoes.

    Putting Mike in drag is a great idea! …just don’t shave him….or I will be really pissed…LOL.

  4. I agree that he is far too handsome in that outfit to put him in drag.
    and get him some fabulous ranger boots!

  5. Very hot costume, wow like really hot!

    Crocs are o.k., but better strapless πŸ˜‰

    Drag…have to see you both do that- but off with the hair for that!

  6. Okay happy medium. You think they look like girl shoes, so if he wears them for halloween, he will be in drag!

  7. I like A&C’s response. While drag may be fun for some, let Mike express his inner child…oh Tony…..Pulleeeze! I know.

    Mike, love you in leather but for some reason you are reminding me more of a Kevin Costner ‘Robin Hood.’ While those legs are looking sexy, the clogs just don’t fit the outfit. Ya need some of those period leather-sueded boots or something. Or the leather boots that have the laces that wrap around the entire boot, criss-crossing upward.

    Derek…if you wanta go drag, go ahead. I’d be peeing in my pants ’cause you’d be one hairy drag queen. And I am with Damien…no shaving. We like the both of you the way you are! Woof!

  8. Leather hot!?

    Clogs not!?

    With or with out straps!?


  9. DAMN – all I can say is DAMN…

  10. Leather and clogs? Hmmmmm. Well, the leather is quite hot. πŸ™‚

  11. I usually like crocs, but not sure this time….but straples is the only way to go.

    Looking hot btw!

  12. Well, for me, every man has to some kinda drag, even “nasty” drag, at Mardi Gras. I went as Goldie Locks once. I was looking for three good bears. And I found them. Just not all on Mardi Gras!

  13. I haven’t done drag on halloween, but I did go as a clown-that counts? right? A wig, makeup and some big shoes? πŸ™‚

    Those sexy legs make the clogs look great!

    Hope you are having a great week-Jeff

  14. Mike is WOOFY WOOFY WOOFY..OMG. Loose the clogs. OMG I may need some saving up here. Did he make that costume himself? We need a better word than Woof for him. OMG!

    I can only imagine where you put the ring for him to find when he wears that…LOL

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