More on Robbie

O.k. Since you asked. I wish I still had a picture of Robbie, but unfortunately he only lives in my head now. But Spider and Joe both sent me two pictures so had to use them. I do think I can round up a picture of me somewhere though of me the year I went to camp. Anyway as I said 4-H camp was a the time I was going through puberty, I first got him as my Entomology teacher, and then late at night he showed up at our cabin telling us he was going to be our cabin’s counselor, how lucky was I to get this guy out of all the 100’s of cabin’s. Anyway he treated me like a winner, and I was his prize student, and helped him with anything he wanted. He even took me out on a sailboat for all the help. I remember his beautiful legs, they had really blond hair on beautiful tan legs. I just wanted to grab him and hug him. The same year I started masterbating and many of my fantasies were of Robbie and well things to do with things I dreamed of when we were at camp that never happened. Years later and I mean at least 10 years later. I was at the gay beach here in Jacksonville, I noticed this guy laying out, and was totally drawn to him, and he was looking at me as well, I walked another 100 yard and laid my towel down. A little later he walked by me. Something familiar when he walked by, he had on those funny shades where you can see your reflection. I wanted to follow him but didn’t want to look to desparate. He finally came back and something about the look he gave me was so familiar. I still didn’t know what it was. Later I walked by him, and he waved at me, so I walked up and said hello and introduced myself. He did the same, calling himself Rob. I looked down at his legs and it all came back to me. My first question was did people ever call you Robbie, and looked at me funny and said yes. My next question was did you ever work at Camp Rock Eagle. He looked at me and said I know who you are. He stood up and we hugged. The hug that I always wanted, and it was just as good as I had always dreamed it would be. There’s more but I think I’ll keep you in suspense………..Plus you know me I have to make it interesting.


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6 Responses to “More on Robbie”


    I can’t believe you stopped. But I’ll daydream here…you guys hugged and you could feel each others heart racing! Those animal instinct took over the little boy entomology instinct. Any you two dropped, rolling all around in the sand, having made passionate sex.

    Gosh darn you Derek! Fess up!! LOL.

  2. I did send you 4. Did you get all of them?

    I know the first one might not fit, but you did ask for a bare chest!? lol

  3. You tease! You absolute tease! ***grin***

    I think you’ve always known how to keep the boys coming back. ***EG***

  4. Oh, what a great tale! You are on notice, you Must finish this one, no more tantalizing hints. Or, or I’ll melt into a puddle of horny frustration! And you wouldn’t want that to happen, now would you?

  5. You must be really quite lucky: I guess only one in a million fantasies of that kind (and age) does come true… Wonderful!

  6. i like the suspense… this story is REALLY interesting. i love “fate/destiny” stories.

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