I’m usually on the computer after I get off work, and let Mike have the television. Tonight was my television night and it’s been a while. I’m a Grey’s Anatomy freak, yes I admit it, and tonight was the long awaited season premiere. I’ve been watching this show since it first came out and just love it, I feel alive after tonights episode, well I felt alive before I watched it too. Then I watched Six Degrees after that. I really enjoyed that as well. O.k. I’m all emotional now. Life and drama. Both of these shows touch me. And I do love McDreamy.


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6 Responses to “TELEVISION”

  1. Well good for you taking the break for TV. but I honestly could not get into those shows.

  2. the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is watch television about medicine, but I am curious to know how ‘real’ these medical shows are. You will have to be my consult liason.

  3. I saw the promo’s about the big battle between Grey and something else. That statement alone should tell you how much I’m invested in it.

  4. I’m so mad. I always start watching a new show and then never keep up with them. I like this show too, but I need to Netflix the first few seasons to get caught up. Time to get a dvr I think. I like the sweeter, dark haired guy who lived with the girls, can’t remember his name though.

    I have started to watch the first season of Rome-excellent, and Weeds- about a suburban mother who sells, um Weed! Good writing on that show!

  5. we have rugby practice on thursdays =-(

    I need the DVR set up. STAT

  6. As Joe mentioned, we missed Grey’s last night because of rugby. Fortunately, ABC is rerunning it tonight! I’m more of a McVet guy myself. I know Meredith won’t fall for him though. He’s too uncomplicated for her.

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