Wallace Thikstache

After David and I broke up after 9 years. First I dated Austin. After catching him with someone else. I decided it was time for me to go wild, after all I was single for the first time. Some friends and I were out in a very dark bar one night called “The Boot Rack”, my friend Scott, had his eyes on a newcomer in the bar, that we’d never seen before, I’d seen him a few times, walk in walk through and then dart for the door. Well that night I decided to walk right up, and talk to him before Scott got to him. I was still newly single, I had just moved in with a friend Norman. Was still not out on my own. And this guy was telling me he was new to the whole experience. Poor guy had to meet me that night. I won’t go into details only because he reads my blog from time to time. He may tell you I raped him in the backyard of the house I was staying. He was such a nice guy. We had one wild night together, he really wanted to get serious I think, but a few nights later he caught me out on a date with another guy. I talked to him and told him it was way to fast for me to go jumping back into another relationship. We did become good friends, and we even decided to move in together in a fourplex by the river. He had a little dog named Sam, which I loved. The picture above is from Gaypride 1998. Some wild times we did have. We all went to our first “Bear Bust” in Orlando. I became very well known on the internet during that time through ICUII, and posing for a few websites. We used to keep count of all the sites I was on. I could probably write a sitcom of those times. We became barfly’s for a while, we had a little group of friends we all hung out with. We also had the same taste in men. And were always after the same man. He even tripped me one night in the bar so he could get to him before I attacked. This was a good while back, and I would say on the brink of many changes in my life were about to come. Lot’s of crazy memories from those times. He doesn’t blog on blogger, but check him out over at http://www.thikstache.com/


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5 Responses to “Wallace Thikstache”

  1. welcome back…looking forward to reading more of your stuff and getting to know you better

  2. Aw, your so sweet. I will have to check him out, perhaps he elaborates on the back yard story. You seem too sweet to be accused of what you were sayin.

  3. Derek…
    Is this the friend that you told me you had in San Diego. he has a few bear hunks in his pics on his blog that I have seen in BigMuscleBear.com.
    YUM!!! YOu two have both changed from the posted pic. You are much more handsome today than then…maybe its that little extra beef on ya. Even Thickstasche looks better.

    Ok…you and Mike need to get on a plane and come out to visit him. San Diego is 50 mins from me on a good day!

  4. I loves me a hot hairy mans!

  5. […] Wallace¬†Thikstache […]

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