My name is not Simon but I wish I knew his secret

When I was a kid my favorite show on television was “Simon in the Land of Chalk drawings” It was a old show from the UK, but came on good ole Captain Kangaroo. I lived in a land of imagination when I was little, and I loved my chalk board. I drew and looked for walls but never could find that land. Now today I’d be in trouble if I did find that land. Because I’d be doing chalk drawings all the time. Could you just imagine? “Well you know my name is Derek,
and the things I draw come true,
Oh pictures take me, take me over,
Climb the ladder with you.” Oh take me, take me take me too the land of hairy chalk drawings true.


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15 Responses to “My name is not Simon but I wish I knew his secret”

  1. I don’t ever remembr “Simon” doing such hot drawings !!!

  2. My chalk drawings NEVER looked like this!

  3. LOL.
    This site just got amped up!
    That brings back a lot of memories.
    I liked Mike Myers version of Simon on SNL.

    Remember Romper Room? I see Derek, I see…

  4. … Hairy chalk drawings, huh? Indeed… A young-starter, I presume… (lol) 🙂

  5. I’ll take 3 please

  6. I laughed and drooled. Nice work. We need to get you a publisher.

  7. Oh baby, I’m drawing my hottest dreams now. I’ll tell you later if it works for me.

  8. Wow – I love art!

  9. This takes me back!?

    And the Captain?! I loved him!?

    Especially the ping pong balls. Here I go again with ping pong. I think I’m obsessed!? lol

    As for hairy, remember the Banana splits?! Big hairy cool dudes, all musicians!?


    Thanks for the memories!?

    (take it as you wish)


  10. Derek….
    If that’s a free-handed chalk drawing, wow! I can only imagine what it would have looked like with more refinement. I love it the way it is though!

  11. Wow. I haven’t thought of Simon and watching Captain Kangaroo in ages. 🙂

    And some nice pics, to boot.

  12. HMMMM, I need to go get some chalk!

  13. I remember that show! However, you’re newer chalk drawings are much more imaginative.

  14. I agree with Greg. I loved Simon, but your drawings (or is that drawrings?) are much hotter.

  15. Do U have a Facebook page that I can follow or Instagram-(or whatever site that you blog on?)

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