When I was in high school, there was a guy a few years younger than I was. He took a business class with me, and sat behind me, or I sat behind him, I can’t remember. Anyway, every day I looked forward to going to that class. He always was waiting with a big smile. He also was a fellow thesbian, no not lesbian, thesbian. He was a much more talented actor than I was. Although we didn’t share a lot other than a pillow once in church camp. I was the lifeguard at the church camp he was going too. He’s a very talented writer, so I suggested he start a blog. Anyway hope you guys give him a big welcome! I think he’s a very talented writer. I hope he enjoys the blogland as much as I do. Welcome him over at http://hankrion.blogspot.com


~ by deveil on SeptemberUTCb000000pmMon, 04 Sep 2006 23:59:00 +000006 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “Hank”

  1. Thesbian? is that a cross between an actor and a lesbian or did you mean Thespian?

  2. Thanks for the heads up. We’ll give Hank a look-see. If nothing else, he’s not at all hard on the eyes! ***grin***

  3. LOL

    I was gonna say the same thing!?

    Have fun!?

    Heading his way right now!?


  4. Will welcome him and add him to my blogroll because of your recommendation.

  5. Thank you so much Derek, for everything.

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