Back home and missing these guys

I only have a few minutes to blog, I’m not on a timer, but I’m home from Orlando, and leaving tomorrow afternoon for a week in Daytona Beach with my family. So Mike needs some Mike time, and I plan on giving him some. Oh I’ve got thousands of ideas for different posts on this weekend, but don’t think I will have time right now, but be checking back, they will be here soon. I will be on vacation starting tomorrow so it may be next week. First I just want to say what a great bunch of guys I was lucky enough to spend it with. I took about 120 photos so I could do a little entry about each one, and may do that. They each were special to me in their own ways. Thanks to each and every one of you guys for making it real, and special! I’m glad ya’ll weren’t those crazy bloggers that were going to lock me up in a cage in a dungeon like Mike warned me about. Although I did find the secret door to the dungeon at Spider’s cottage. It was great to meet such great guys. I wish I could have stayed longer. Sorted is cooking tonight, and I sure hated to miss them good vittles. You know me and my posts, they have to be thought out most of the time, I want to do a recap of the whole weekend and all the fun. And tell you more about each one of these great guys. Missing you already. Ya’ll have fun tonight. Toast one of those pineapple martini’s to me. It was great giving you guys bearhugs. Now I have to go attack my man laying on the couch.


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10 Responses to “Back home and missing these guys”

  1. The weekend would not had been the same had you not been here. We all had a wonderful time meeting you – and next time drag Mike along with you – he may enjoy my dungeon also… ~eg~

    Remember, you both have an open invitation here – and I expect you both down for Pride…

  2. Looks like a great time with the wonderful friends we discover through our silly ‘ole blogs.

  3. Have a great vacation!!

  4. Hey D!?

    I knew they and you were great guys!?

    Have a good vacation!?


  5. Hey Derek,

    What a weekend! Words cannot describe how GREAT it was getting to know you — you are AWESOME!! Thanks for a wonderful weekend — the airboat ride was the BEST!! I look forward to seeing you and Mike in the next few months.

    Thanks for coming down. I am sure Spider and I will be up sometime in the fall to visit!

    PS– You missed a great meal!

  6. I never knew bearhugs could be so much fun LOL. It was great getting to know you a little – you really were full of surprises ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for helping make this such a great weekend.

    Enjoy your time off. We’ll be here when you get back.

    PS We toasted you with the pineapple martinis at dinner tonight! Wish you could have been there.

  7. thank you for the photos!
    I Hope you will post more and tell more.
    I am glad you all got together.

  8. I knew you could be counted on for the photographic record of a great time spent between friends. Great pics.

  9. It was such a pleasure meeting you. I have admired your work for a some time now and it was nice to get to know you for just a little while. You missed the gang getting me lubed up on Pineapple and Watermelon martini’s. Sorted cooks some mean ribs and we all had some great conversation.

  10. Derek…
    We were all bummed when you hoped in that car to head back home. You would have rounded off Sunday night’s gathering at Sorted’s more than you’ll ever know. But we know you were there in spirit. Ya missed all the fun we had with Pete. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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