Jacksonville’s Gay Pride Week

http://kellystern.blogspot.com/ did the challenge of the flag. I’ve been waiting to do mine for a while now, Jacksonville is a little different not sure why they are the only city to have gay pride a month later than every where else. But anyway gay pride starts today. It’s a week long event and ends on Saturday of next week. Today is the parade at 7 it goes right through Riverside and 5 points, then we have a block party from 7-10. There’s events all through the week, then on Saturday of next week the big gay pride party is at the beach, which is always fun. Maybe I’ll get some good pictures.


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8 Responses to “Jacksonville’s Gay Pride Week”

  1. Happy Pride…Richmond no longer has Pride week…so even though yours in July, at least you have one…Thanks for the shout out too…ENJOY!!

  2. Have fun and i hope u take some pics….BTW if it makes ya feel any better….Phoenix has their Pride in February!!!! I’m just saying!

  3. I was supposed to go to San Diego’s Pride which is also this weekend. Here in Phoenix we had ours the first weekend of April because of the summer heat (lackluster). A full week, that’s awesome. Have fun; go ahead and party too much 😉

  4. Our Pride is next week in Brighton, even later, have a good one David xx

  5. Happy Gay Pride!
    Ours, BTW is in April!

  6. Derek…
    enjoy your pride week! That is a nice way to end the festivies..at the beach. Just don’t get into any dancing routine and through that back out again doing some unforseen move. HEHEHE!

  7. Happy Pride. Have a good time and as Tony said watch the back.

  8. Enjoy!

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