When do you blog

I’ve heard a few of you out there commenting on blogging and why you blog, like I’ve been doing a little in the past, now I’m thinking when do you blog and when you don’t and on the little breaks we take from it. I’m thinking about it for me. Well mostly I blog in the evenings or afternoon hours. Today however I’m up early, I don’t usually blog in the early hours cause I’m usually in the warmth of my bed spooning. I blog when I feel like it, which is mainly post-cereal in the morning on the weekends(and I get up earlier too). Then I go back to bed after I get my thoughts out, lol. When I first started I thought ok I have to put some words of wisdom or something in here everyday, I made it a pressure on myself. Lol, but that quickly faded, I started enjoying my daily rituals, and if I didn’t post an entry I was ok with that too. It’s like everything else right, I know many of you who blog are busy people with their professions and just life, it’s all about balance right? Would love to hear your thoughts on your daily blog rituals if you have any. Just to let everyone know my back is doing much better. Still a little but nothing like it was. I can tell today will be my best day so far. Guess I need to be more careful with my dismounts from bed, lol. Well I’m going back to bed for another 30 minutes to an hour I didn’t sleep to well last night. I didn’t take my sleep medicine. And Mike was kicking me all night, maybe that’s what is wrong with my back. Everyone have a great day. Enjoy!


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10 Responses to “When do you blog”

  1. I blog at night mostly.

    But since I’m not working right now, it’s almost anytime.

    I just started, and like you I want to put meaningful stuff on there.

    I’ve been thinking that since week-ends are slower days, I’d post quotes, lyrics, or works that I would be happy with. Like my Louis one. hehehe

    I want people to want to come back to my post.

    I hope they do!?

  2. Breaks are good, needed even. Some air in the lungs, rub out a few knuckle babies and then come back when you feel inspired to do so. It’s always good to recharge, think of all the blogger fodder you’ll have when you return.

  3. Well when I started blogging, I tended to do most of it at work….not such a good idea really. I think my boss knows more about me than he cares too now. I did it to break up the heavy workload I tend to have at work if that makes any sense. I’m one of those crazy multitaskers!

    Now I have no set time really. Just whenever I get the chance. I try to brainstorm and jot things down when I can. I usually have some of my photography tied to my posts so sometimes that can take some time as well. My plan is to get into more of a routine about it though. I love to read other blogs out there as well, so that eats up a lot of my online time as well. O.K., I think my comment here has turned into “my time” to post. LOL. Great to hear that your back is getting better. The dismounts…practice, practice, practice 😉

  4. I tend to blog either in the middle of the night because that is the only time that I know someone is not looking over my shoulder to see what the hell I am spending so much time on the computer doing, or in the middle of the afternoon, when the rest of the family has gone out for the afternoon and I remain behind because I really could not care less. Sometimes, like now, I am around checking blogs in the evening as a way of relaxing and calming down.

    When I go back home, I will no doubt blog in the evenings after I get home from work, but I will have to see about that.

  5. Whenever I feel like it. nothing but time on my hands these days. Try to post regularly so nobody ever gets bored.

  6. I have a really eratic way of blogging, due mainly to the hours I work. ie 4 on 4 off night shifts. When I’m working I don’t tend to do as much so theres not as much to talk about. But then you never know whats going to happen out of the blue you need to get down ! Glad youre feeling better. David

  7. Most of my blog postings are written at night but my reading varies from late at night to early in the morning. I still have this urge to post every day but it’s not as strong as before. I think because I have the core of friends now that I want or want to get to know. Friends stick with you no matter what. Glad you were feeling better yesterday.

  8. I am glad to hear your back is mending.
    I tend to write my blogs in the evening, and post them in the morning.
    Sometimes I get a flurry of ideas, write them, and squirrel them away for the ‘dry spells’.

  9. I blog at night but often get inspired during the day and work on it at the gym in my head.

    I just took a break, I missed it but at the same time I felt a sense of relief not to have to create. Back now and glad to be.

  10. Hi Derek,

    I’m new to this whole blogging thing and I think I’m addicted.

    I blog whenever I’m in the mood….right now, I’m blogging night, noon and morning.

    Glad to read your back is mending. I had a cervical fusion 10 years ago. Yoga and push-ups are my way of fending off pain.

    So glad you have love in your life – the photos are great….

    Be well.


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