Pain is a strange thing. It was all consuming for …

Pain is a strange thing. It was all consuming for me for the first few weeks. No peace, just good painpills, lots of sleep and doctors visit. Then came a little depression, because all I could think about was the pain, and spending most of my time in bed and not for fun. Then somehow I noticed there were breaks in the pain, it wasn’t 100% of the day in pain, I had little breaks where it wasn’t quite as bad. Only I really couldn’t focus on much during that time. Finally the pain broke, or lessened. I’m still not at 100% but I’m getting close. I start back to work tomorrow. Strange from going to running 8 miles at the first of the year to this. I did find a nice book called “Making All Things New” by Henri J.M. Nouwen which was some good nourishment for my soul. I found my quiet time I had so been searching for, although I had rather been doing a 100 things if I could. Here’s a fun website that you can check and see which celebrity you look most like. It’s kind of fun, and will make you laugh.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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10 Responses to “Pain is a strange thing. It was all consuming for …”

  1. The first photo I tried said I looked like Alec Baldwin. I’ll gladly take that one. I tried a second photo and I got Elle Macpherson. Hmmm… not sure what to make of that one. lol

  2. ooooo! i’m happy looking like collin farrel! sexy wild man. oh, and i’m craving hot dogs now…thanks!

  3. I hope you get better.

  4. Feel better man… pain sucks, well, most pains do 😉

  5. And who did you look like?

  6. Glad you’re back to speed bud. Quiet time! you’re probably sick of it now. Pace yourself.

  7. Good luck with the recovery. Just make sure you don’t rush it.

  8. Glad to hear things are starting to look up for you a bit. Hang in there darlin.

  9. Im sorry that you are in pain. HUGZ!

  10. hope your doing good!

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