Austin: Human Touch

After David and I called it quits for the last time in 1997. I found a new freedom, in the process I went a little wild for a few years. I had spent most of my 20’s with David, except for the few I wrote about. But a part of me had given up on love after David. I kept finding myself but then running from myself. The first person I saw after the breakup was a guy named Austin. I actually fell kind of hard, kind of fast, and caught him with another guy pretty quick too, so after that I spent a good while just keeping things far from serious. I wrote this about Austin years ago. I read it now and I think maybe I was upset when I wrote it.

It’s just physical
Only want you near
not really interested in
Anything with the mind
(just what’s mine)
Don’t want my I
or opinions
Just a little touchy-feely
Is that wrong?
No! Not really.
That’s what I want too.
To naked cuddle
with you is fine.
I bet you won’t believe
when I say it’s nothing to do with sex
Just looking for a little physical

The thing was when he met me he’d been seeing another guy for years, and by seeing him with me, showed the guy that he really did want Austin. The two of them did end up together. Although I did know Austin had feelings for me, they just weren’t as strong as they were for Marty. I actually became friends with them a little later after I gave myself some time to get over things. Sadly Marty passed away a few years ago of a brain annurism. I still hope the world for Austin. Although I was upset when I wrote the prose, he did show me a few months of pure happiness.
In the picture that’s Marty on the left, Austin on the right


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3 Responses to “Austin: Human Touch”

  1. Nice that you could forgive and move on.

  2. Men are dogs. Here’s a poem I wrote years ago about my equivalent of your Austin:

    We Met on the Web

    This man Michael, whom I met
    Through “” on the web.
    To his house, he has invited.
    We shall dine and be delighted.

    In the shadows, in the outskirts,
    in the safety of our darkness
    This man Michael, whose tongue caresses,
    every surface, all the senses.

    Fast, we fall, in love too fast,
    yet time will hold its tick and tock
    Endless moments of feeling “hot!”
    He chews my balls, I suck his cock
    and in between. . .

    We talk and talk
    He plays the piano, sings his songs
    He cooks, we eat, and chat and chat
    Of this and that, and nothing but,
    Of all we’ve done to be so bright.

    Feels right. Too right
    and yet I know
    it cannot be to love so strong
    this man I met from reading ads
    and porno sites and people pleading

    For sex, sex, companionship, and sex.
    Internet, transient, handsome lover
    This man I do not know This man I just now met.

    This man Michael.

  3. It takes a big man to forgive and be friends with someone.

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