Back again

In Nov of 1991 David and I moved to Jacksonville together. During our time apart, David never did give up, he kept calling me, and from time to time we would get together. After a little over a year, I figured I was living in a fantasy world, and thought I’d give it another chance with David. It was quite different the second time around. I tried hard to be the perfect partner. I had been far from perfect the first time around, but the second time around was different, I have journals upon journals of the next few years up until our last break. It still feels funny reading them. Maybe because sometimes when I look back now. I think some of what I was writing was more of what I wanted that what it really was. All in all there were many good times, we made many good friends together. We traveled and saw the world. Europe will always be vivid in my mind. It’s funny I wrote Nov 4, 1991 I guess this is the beginning to we lived happily ever after. It didn’t quite work that way, but more on that later.


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2 Responses to “Back again”

  1. Ok…As I said before, lots to talk about when we meet up. I say a nice kick back water trip or some palce for lots of conversation will work for me on this get together.

  2. It reminds me of my first LTR. I saw him different that what he really was.


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