Doug or Roger "No Name"

He was bad news, and I had no idea. When I found out it was too late, for he had stole a big part of me. And knowing me you would understand how big. I had gone to “Someplace Else” to see my sister Sherry. I was lonely and new in town. I wanted to meet someone so bad. Then I met him. Although we were in a straight bar our eyes met. We played the staring game. Later he ended up at our table along with four other girls. It was late and I had to be at work early. To my surprise he followeed me and ended up at my apartment. He said he was straight athough we kissed and held each other. Afterwards for months he would leave in a hurry. Never staying the night, never waking together. Although I would ask him each time. Unannounced I would hear the hiss of his tires at different parts of the night. Sometimes with alcohol on his breath and each time saying his name was something different, sometimes Roger, sometimes Doug. I tried to know him but he had NO NAME! Then one night he said he wanted to spend the night, but it was too late, I was tired of the lies and the games. That night I told him he could stay, but only if he told me the truth. He said he couldn’t. I knew he’d been drinking a lot, so I showed him to the couch and told him I couldn’t keep doing this. Hoping he would talk to me, I heard the door close early and the car start up. But he stole something from me. He has a memento of me and thinks of me every time he opens it. I still found it so strange that he would steal one of my giant scrapbooks full of pictures of my life. So that’s the story of how I lost my scapbook full of pictures.


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4 Responses to “Doug or Roger "No Name"”

  1. Sorry D.

    Do you think he knew what he was taking?

  2. Funny Derek…

    He probably was struggling big time with who he was. Perhaps he had a wife (but hid the ring)…who knows.

    I suspect he knew quite well what he was taking but saw it as a means of remembering you and what he could never have fully. Perhaps its the romanticist in me, but in all likelihood is a good possibility.

  3. I love this poem.

  4. Dam, he was messed up, you must of really shown him something for him to want a part of you.

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