The track

I’ve been a runner most of my life, except for the time of injury like now. I’d really love to get back in the shape I was once in through running, but for now I have to get the back stronger. For some reason I think back to a night long ago. It was a dark night whn I met him. The wind blowing, and the leaves on the track field. I ran and he kept up right on me. I slowed, he slowed. Later, I rested on a bench studying him. I notice the muscular man of Latin decent. We began to talk, laugh, and were at eas with each other. We began running with each other about three times a week. Finally one night he accompanied me back to my apartment after a run. I don’t think we had been in the apartment two minutes when right after I started the shower he walked into my bathroom and we kissed. We slept together that night and moved wildly as if it were our last night on earth. In the morning he got dressed and told me he was going to be getting married in the next month. He had told me once he was already married. We set up another time to go running. I went but the track was empty. I rode by the track occcasionally thinking I would see him there. I never did. But I did imagine him there at times alone running with me in the wind.


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3 Responses to “The track”

  1. Derek…

    Ok to hot of a story! Now did we set that one up or did we set that one up! 😉 Must have been that southern charm. And ‘moving wildly’ that night?!!?! Oh, you mean that wild, passionate, animal sex thing. Hehehe! Sorry I just had to.

    The andorphins amd testosterone must have been raging after the run.

    Did the fact that he told you he was ‘getting married’ catch you off guard?

  2. I know I told you, but I really love the way you write.

    Are you a writer?

    Have anything I could read?

    I’d love it!

    I really wish we were closer. I’d love to have you in my circle of friends.




  3. Beatiful.

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