Emotions: Round Robin Challenge

Chris, author of the journal, “My Photographic Life,” has chosen a very versatile subject to challenge us with, she has selected, “Emotions” as the topic of our next round of play. :)We all have emotions…don’t we?
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I thought I captured two totally separate emotions, the one in color was the beginning to a fun day, and little Asher was so happy, the one in black and white was towards the end of the day, and when we told him we would have to leave the park, and all the fun he was having.


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10 Responses to “Emotions: Round Robin Challenge”

  1. The HAPPY emotion is a fabulous shot, but really, truly, I LOVE that LOOK you got when breaking the bad news to Asher!
    (Long live b/w!! )
    ~ Valorie

  2. Both of those pictures work very well. Cool idea, too, making the sombre one black and white. – K.

  3. I enjoy it is much when you post pics of the young ones. They have such beautiful, expressive faces. Excellent idea for the challenge. 🙂

  4. Well done- as always!

  5. You always capture emotion in your photos. You also pick awesome subjects 🙂 Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Such an adorable boy. You’ve caught his emotions perfectly!

  7. Great work! I love the wide array of emotions that children display. They are so dramatic!! I love it, great pictures! 🙂

    Animated Seasons

  8. Nice work, you did a great job capturing his opposite emotions.

  9. Eyes are the windows to the soul.

  10. I soo love such images, I particularly love the 1st shot, he don’t look to happy to be snapped, he ends up giving you a classic shot. lovely

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