Years ago I used to have this program called ICUII. I was somewhat addicted to it. I would chat with other hot guys online, while looking at them and them looking at me. It was fun, and I loved having an audience. I was somewhat the comedian, yes I had hats and props, and was always making people laugh. I wrote this years ago about my experience with ICUII. I’m not still on it, it’s been years, but I came across this in one of my old journals so thought I’d share it.ICUII
Your out, and your loud
Giving everyone a show
Will he take off his clothes?
Your lives are like storylines
As your viewere tune in to
Love, laugh, and seeth
Amazed at your daring-life striptease
You discuss in the chat room
An object piece of meat
As they speculate on your last partner
Can you believe
I think this “life”
It is not for me
We fight to hard for privacy
To surrender to a live webcam.

It sure was fun though when I was single. I still can’t forget that poor guy that was standing on a chair, naked, when all of a sudden I notice a woman walks in, the chair falls along with the guy. He was definately caught. The screen then went blank. I’m not sure how long I stayed on ICUII, it was mostly a thing I did about 6 years ago when I was single and very bored and lonely. Oh I could tell you some crazy stories.


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11 Responses to “ICUII”

  1. OMFG been there done it myself I was a webcam slut! haha.

  2. Chat can be alotta fun…..and I love that pic!!! BTW I did cam once in my life and it was liberating…..but I don’t think I’ll ever do it again…..unless it’s with my BF… that he’s in NYC.

  3. I never went as far as using a webcam, I did however try chatting. It is fun, you can talk to someone, yet retain your privacy.
    I still get on messenger weekly, but I guess because of my age and because I’ve realized that in the end with chat, you are still someone alone and isolated.
    Great picture.

  4. LOL – ICUII they were fun days 😉

    Great pic and great blog 😉

  5. I also used to be obn ICUII – never had the guts to be naked, but sure soent a lot of time on there!

    BTW – that is ONE HOT PIC of you Derek… ONE VERY HOT PIC…

    Got your voice mail – and have been trying to call you back…

  6. Damn Derek….

    If that pic is of you just 6 years ago, WOOOOOOOOOOOOF!!!!! All that fur is looking mighty darn good! Ok the temperature in the family room just shot up about 10 to 15 degrees.

  7. Dam that is one fine man. Once I did a webcam and allowed a bunch of guys to watch me JO. At first it was kinda of fun and then the requests started to come in to have me do other things. Demanding SOB’s. After that I never plugged the webcam in again.

  8. That photo is making me short of breath!

  9. Oh My GOOODNESS!! Great looking MAN you were and STILL are..WOOF, Buddy!!

  10. I used to use ICUII, Too! It was great fun. So many choppy images, so much fun!

  11. hhhmmm…I distinctly remember someone’s hat who became one of those props! hee, hee…

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