Last year about this time I was hurting a good friend of mine passed away. I still think of Doug often, when I’m having fun, when I’m fancy free in life and just enjoying myself. This is what I wrote one year ago, this is how I was feeling almost a year ago. I’ve once kept my feelings inside, only letting them out on paper in my journals. No one knew all this stuff I was holding inside, not even myself, I kept many of my feelings even hidden deep inside. There may have been a smile on the outside but there wasn’t always one on the inside. So I’m writing tonight about my feelings again. It seems I’m dealing with something I havn’t experieced much of. Losing people. I’ve experienced loss of my grandparents, that was the only loss I’ve really experienced through death. But know it seems people that were once great friends have died. I found out my friend Doug, died this weekend. Another friend I had lost not through death, but was not in my life as he once was. We grew in diffrent directions, he moved to Atlanta, went in a diffrent direction. Regardless we wanted the best for each other as friends but just lost contact after time. I found out he had pancreatitis and had waited too long to go to the hospital to get it checked out, the infection was really bad and he slipped into a coma, his father came and Doug had a living will not to resucitate if he ever fell into a coma. So without even waiting a week they unplugged him. And he’s gone, in a better place. I know that in my heart, but I feel a little angry. I probably don’t know all the story, maybe he was too long gone. I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t in his life. Other people were. To sooth my anger I have to thing of good things, how he made me smile. How he made me laugh. His nickname was “Kitten”. You couldn’t help but laugh calling him that. He loved to have fun. There’s a lot of things I’m wondering. There was a time about six years ago that we were close friends, so close that I was contemplating moving to Atlanta, to live with him till I got on my feet. I feel some anger towards him, I’m not sure why, maybe because I know how much he drank, and how much he partied. I was headed down that party road myself. But something bigger than me stepped in and made me stay here. I’m glad! I’m not sure I’m making a lot of sense. Guess I need to sit with my feeling a little more. I don’t want to make sound like Doug was a bad guy, he wasn’t he was wonderful. He’d give you the shirt off his back. He loved to cook and be happy and be loved and too love. I think I’m just mad that he’s not here anymore. That’s how I feel and I guess that’s ok. I’ll try later to reflect more on him. I think I just need to get through this feeling. I found out Saturday, I went out and thought a lot about when we were friends and all the fun we had. I was sad late that night and couldnt’ sleep, and wrote emails to people telling them how much I loved them. This was a picture of us in Savannah, one of our favorite places to go. And the other one is one of my favorite ones I took of him.

I did make it through all those feelings you go through, I still think about him often and smile.

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2 Responses to “Doug”

  1. Hugs Derek.

    Part of your pent up feelings and anger perhaps is that there was nothing you could do; and perhaps realizing that life did take you down a different road to spare you the same problems. Its sad to think that alcohol may have had a role in this or did! For me, I am a non-drinker unless amongst good friends and family. Even then moderation preceeds anything. As always, if something begins to bug you deeply and you need an outside ear, email me and I’ll send my phone number.

  2. Wish I could say something to comfort you. Know that my thoughts are with you.

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