Gay Day Disney

Well we left Friday night after work for our weekend trip to Orlando for the 16th annual Gay Day at Disney. I’ve been before about 7 years ago. This was Mike’s first time. How would I describe it? It was very different for me than years ago. Years ago it meant something different than it did this time. We were our church shirts that says “God is still speaking” I think we were stopped almost every few seconds asking about our shirts. I got many mixed feelings from it, most being very positive. But some very negative. I being a gay man have felt the aggravation of religion at times and I remember the churches 7 years ago with their signs of hate. But this year I felt something new. Of being a gay man that loves God. I actually had some gay people come up to me thinking I was straight and trying to convert them to being straight. Just because my shirt said “God is still speaking”. Before I could tell the person I was gay myself, they just went on and on about I was trying to take their rights away from them. After they ranted for a few minutes. I finally was able to tell them. Hey I’m gay, and it’s o.k. They were kind of embarrassed that they just assumed I was straight and trying to convert them because I had the word God on my shirt. I also got much positve feedback from other U.C.C. members around the U.S. and other’s that had seen our commercial. I’ll have to get all my thoughts about this one together, but I definately feel a entry about it. Other than that, the day was wonderful. Mike and I had a blast with our church family. And seeing the masses of red shirts we saw. Mike even got his Davy Crockett racoon hat. We didn’t take lots of pictures. But we got a few. We stayed at the Magic Kingdom from opening till around 7, and went to Downtown Disney for dinner, and a night of dancing at Pleasure Island, Mike and I had our shirts off dances with shirtless men on a revolving dance floor till closing.


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8 Responses to “Gay Day Disney”


  2. Sounds like you all had a great time – good for you! Wish we could have hooked up – maybe next time you all are in the area…

  3. Derek…Definitely sounds like you pulled the weekend off with a good time. Glad it was given last week. YOU and MIKE look the Handsome Stud parts!! Woof! More pics please of the events!

  4. That’s ashame that some people (gay mind you) jump to the conclusion that you’re a straight homophobe. I can’t tolerate intolerance, especially “reverse” discrimination.

    Love the fact that you’re vocal about your love of God. Good for you.

  5. So you took a spin on the “Wheel of Meat” as we call it on Gay Days? Glad you had a good time. šŸ™‚

  6. Glad you had a good time wish I could have went but I had family crap in Ohio to do!

  7. Sounds like you guys have fun. It is nice to hear someone represent the religious side of our culture. I was there over 10 years agao adn they still have that place with the revolving dance floor..What was your favorite ride?

  8. i love the shirts.

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