Craig: New Sensation

He was the only one I studied or was even attracted too. I met him my first time in a gay bar. My friends were trying hard to fix me up with all their friends, each one picking someone I think they all wanted a piece of themselves. I was new meat as they called it, and every one they introduced me too seemed quite interested. I was underage. When I first saw him I was like this is the only man here I would be interested in, or if he asked me to dance, I would dance with him. “New Sensation” by INXS was playing and he came up to me and asked me to dance. He was by far the best looking masculine man in there. He had requested the song and said “Come Dance!” I did. I stayed with him every weekend after that night. It was a summer fling and I was in love. Well I thought it was love. He was the first man that I was interested in after Allien and I had broken up. He earned his living as those guys who flag planes into airports, and waited on tables at night, I was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons. When I wasn’t trying to win money in hot legs contest in  straight bars.  We were uninhibited in our free play. We were innocents who defied all the odds and claimed a small stake of pure happiness. But it was doomed. There was no support system for our relationship that was limited to 24 hours a weekend inside a curtained Howard Johnsons or a tent in Chehaw Park, or trying to sneak in his sister’s house without her finding out he brought someone home. We couldn’t fight it. We lost! Actually he dumped me, he was the only guy who ever dumped me that I loved! It hurt, and my attitude began to change. I learned though, that sometimes you need to love yourself first.  I kind of became a hard ass too, and vowed I wouldn’t fall in love again for a while, hurts to much.

I once had pictures of ole Craig, but my mom couldn’t stand him, he had a bumper sticker that said, “I’m the one your mama warned you about” Well my mom actually took the sticker off his car one night. And she tore up all the pictures I had of him. He was the only guy my mom really coudn’t stand.  I think it was more because she listened at my bedroom door one night when he spent the night, I’m pretty sure she told me she heard us.  We snuck out early the next morning.    Not really sure what he thought about me, I think I was just too new to the whole scene and he probably wanted someone more sure of themselves.  I think it was all just really new to me.  The last time I kissed him was the night I wrecked my Toyoto Cellica.   What I mess I was, I was coming to see him so we could talk, and I run into the back of a car.   So I’m sure I was quite a mess when I arrived, and quite a mess when I left.   The last time I saw him was on New Year’s Eve in Jacksonville, Florida, I was with Mark Alley and Mike Runyon and we saw them on our way out of the bar.   He smiled big and gave me a quick hug!  That was the last time I saw him.  I often wonder what became of him.


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3 Responses to “Craig: New Sensation”

  1. Awe..summer love. Guess there is a lesson to everything though! And you know…as much as you loved him, sometimes moms have an innate sex sense. He really may not have been made for you absent your strong feelings.

  2. What a bittersweet story.

  3. Wow, what a powerful ending. Somewhat of a rebel, did you know Mom wouldn’t approve or were you taken off guard by this. Did it make him sexier? Mom’s sounds cool.

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