Do you ever sit and think, and people enter your …

Do you ever sit and think, and people enter your mind. People who you once shared your thoughts with, your dreams with, your life with. But now they are just memories left. Sometimes it’s about letting go, and I’ve done that, but what is to stop them from entering your mind. They were there once, so why not explore it and try and figure out why they were there. What did you learn, what do you feel now. Not sure how this will work, it is only an idea. A thought. So is this to those I love and have loved. I guess something like that, or maybe just someone who touched me even in some small way. I’m a thinker, many have mentioned to me that I think to much, or I overthink too much. So maybe I’m just looking back, in happiness, and maybe other emotions at all I’ve been through. But I’ll try and keep it upbeat and not too depressing, unless I just have one of them days that we all have. Who knows maybe I’ll even tell you some erotic story that happend in my past. You know I was a wild one years ago. So for now I’m just saying I’m writing this, why? I guess I’m just going to have to find out.


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2 Responses to “Do you ever sit and think, and people enter your …”

  1. I be there for the ride bud!

  2. I often take a moment to think of the poeple who have touched my life and wonder where are they, what are they up to know. I do try to catch up to them every now and then. I look foward to reading this side of you.

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