Hunk of the Week

O.k. I know everyone probably knew this was coming, I’ve become quite the reader of Tony. I think he’s one hunky man so had to put him down for this weeks Hunk of the Week. Here’s woofing at you Tony. I was going to try and do a drawing of him, but I’ve just been so busy this week.


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13 Responses to “Hunk of the Week”

  1. What a stud he is. Hopefully you will have the pleasure to meet him in person. Truely an all around sweetheart and someone I take great pride in calling a friend.

  2. Derek!

    You rock! I can’t believe I’ve been posted as Hunk of the Week. Well, you win my Man’s Man of the Week award. šŸ˜‰

    And a possible drawing at some point? WOW! I might have to pay you for that!! Need a model? LOL.

    Again thanks! I am flattered. And the black and white conversion looks good I have to say.

  3. I love Tony! He is the greeeeatest guy! I hadn’t seen THAT particular pic though…woof woof!

  4. Could not think of a better choice – since you can’t select yourself Derek…

    He is a stud! And a really nice guy also!

  5. Great blog Derek, im gonna have to link you, thnx for the comments!

  6. WOOF. Thank you for posting Derek. Spider said it so well.

  7. Yeah, Tony is quite the hunky one, I must say. But oh my GOD, you should see him naked! HUGE!!!!

    Not that I know personally, just guessing.

  8. One word. WOOF! Very nice, two hot men on one blog, the featured and the host! Just heaven!

    And Derek, I’m terribly flattered by the comment you left for me. It made my day, thank you!

  9. Tony is not only hunky, but a really sweet man, too! He’s also my main blog commentator, I appreciate him.


    HE IS VERY HOT !!!!!!!!

    I’M IN LOVE !!!!!!!!



  11. Loving the HOTW

  12. Hunk of the year, perhaps? Way to go Tony, and Mark you should see him naked…

  13. Woof!

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