The weekend

Cinco De Mayo was Friday, we started the evening by going to WorldofNations with our friends Valerie and Rochelle and baby Aaron. It was a lot of fun with arts and crafts, music, and food from every country. I ate way too much. I think Aaron enjoyed all the music and he just loves his stroller walks anywhere. We left there and headed home when we heard from Vicki, so we met her out at Mossfire and had a few Mojito’s with her and her friend John. He was a straight guy we ended up taking on a fun trip to the nightlife. He was a very funny guy. We thought we were going to have a early night but ended up going out dancing and closes down the last place we were at. Saturday was spent sleeping till 10. I did get up and take Abby for a walk, then headed to the grocery store. Late in the afternoon we got into a little tif, or was it a big tiff, bigger than usual I guess. Always seems to happen when we hold things in, he was still upset about last week and me not being ready to go. Not sure what it is lately. Just trying to communicate better I guess. By late afternoon we were a little better. The Sunday service was really good. Pastor John filled in for Linda while they are in Orlando. And his message was on Friendship, he quoted about Jonathan’s love for David. I found it quite interesting. We had a wonderful hotdog and hamburger grill out and everyone brought diffrent sides and desserts. Afterwards we went and looked at the three bedroom, and we really liked it. We’ll see we have to look at our finances and see what we can do. Mike just recently started back to work. It was a little hard for me being the supporter of the two of us. He really likes his new job, and I’m hoping it’s something he will conintue with it and do good. He’s doing great the photography with me, and is a quick learner, and is doing great, he made our business cards yesterday, the one posted above. It may be changed some, it’s his first draft. The picture was of the horses at the farm on my sister’s wedding day. Hope everyone’s having a great week. Hunk of the week will be posted later today or tomorrow. I cut my finger washing dishes this weekend so didn’t do any posts, the glass broke and slice, blood everywhere, Mike was good with me and got me all bandages with his first aid kit. This made me think of my old roomate that lives in SanDiego, he did the same thing, only we had to take him to the emergency room. I’m just glad my cut wasn’t too bad.


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5 Responses to “The weekend”

  1. Somebody else who washes dishes by hand!

  2. Glad to see you got up a post. Well at least your overall weekend seemed more eventful than mine. And alas…it’s back to school tonight! BLEK! I WANT MY VACATION TIME BACK!

    The ‘not ready to go element.” I hop eyou finally got it all out in the open. You said it….COMMUNICATION. did you ask him why it bothered him so much? Maybe he is not into socializing for long periods of time? Was it the company you were keeping at the event? Does he feel like you aren’t giving credence to his requests often? One never knows. Just throwing out some ideas.

    There is that mention of San Diego again. Do you ever get out this way to see him? If you ever do, you’ll have to let me know. I’m an hours drive on a good day.

  3. Nice newsy post. Please do excuse my ignorance, What is Cinco De Mayo?

    The teaching around David and JOnathan have always been amongst my most well liked.

  4. Thanks for the comment, I enjoy your blog too! And tifs (however they may be spelled) are part of the package I say. If I didn’t want to kick the hell outta my husband from time to time I wouldn’t have to remember why I love him so much. Blind happiness without strife only leads to complacency! ….way too deep for a rainy Thurs afternoon….

  5. That would be me!!!

    I am almost paranoid about washing glasses now after that mishap.

    My fond rememberance of that event is you looking at my bloody hand at the emergency room and throwing up! I thought they would have to admit you before me.

    And I am still waiting for you two to come visit San Diego, too.

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