Got to get out of these fatigues

No I don’t sit around everyday in my fatigues, just on the days I’m roleplaying, Gi Joe, but I don’t rememeber G.I. Joe having columns laying around. I havn’t been posting as much, been busy lately it seems with traveling back and forth from Georgia for family birthdays last week was my nieces birthday and we had a great time. It was a cheerleading party, Brett and Spider gave me the idea with the cheerleading posts. Mike and I are being lazy today after a long service at church and grocery shopping, I just woke up from a nap, won’t he be surprised when he wakes up and find me dressed in military, lol.
We’re getting excited about GayDisney in June, we made our reservations, and am looking forward to it. Mike’s never been before so I think he’ll have a great time.


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9 Responses to “Got to get out of these fatigues”

  1. Well, go ahead, get out of them, get BACK on the couch and take a pic! And either post it or send it to us!

    BTW – I am expecting a phone call so I can buy you guys a drink if you come to O-town for Gay Days…

  2. all you need now is a stogie and a pabst blue ribbon beer

  3. You do look tired! HA HA get it fatigues…

  4. Well..I must say..If My GI Joe was looking like that he be undressed all the time..YES..WOOF…DO love a man in Uniform…

  5. GI Joe would be envious 🙂

  6. I love this pic in a WOOF kind of way.

  7. GI Joe goes gay! Love it!

  8. By all means, get them off, need any help? Zipper or buttons, hell it don’t matter I’m good at undoing both. 😉

  9. 🙂

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