Over at http://richmondspider.blogspot.com/ h…

Over at http://richmondspider.blogspot.com/ here’s his interesting meme
“Here’s the deal. I pick five (count ’em, 5) albums and list memories associated with those albums that make them my favorite albums of all time. And I tag five users at the end of my post who should respond with comments on their top 5 in their LJ.”Well, this is the first meme in a long time that really made me stop and think… five (5) albums… favorites of all times… memories associated with them…Just a warning to some people, this post will contain unheard of words today like “album”, “vinyl”, “cut” and “Hi-Fi”…Well, lets see what I can do…
the regally-named sigmund snopek III is one of the most fascinating obscure artists to emerge from the late 60s and early 70s. on his own and with his band the bloomsbury people, he began playing an unconventional mixture of avant-garde rock, classical music, and baroque pop that eventually came to be characterized as progressive rock when it hit the mainstream a couple of years later. he continues making intriguing music — ranging from top 40 pop songs to electronic pieces and jazz compositions to symphonies and operas (more than 300 pieces in all) — in a career that has lasted 40 years, culminating in his most conspicuous role as a sideman for the much-loved alternative pop band (and fellow milwaukee natives) the violent femmes.

there is not much on shaun cassidy’s debut album that he can claim as his own, other than his style, but that did not stop this album from being one of the biggest-selling solo debuts in history. it is an album comprised nearly entirely of remakes, starting with his number one hit single version of the ronettes’ “da doo ron ron.” he also suffers from comparison to his brother david cassidy of the partridge family, who has an arguably richer voice palate. It reminds me of rumaging through my sisters albumns and sneaking them in my room. You know what I liked him too.

FleetWood Mac one of my favorite alltime bands, it brings back memories of my best friend in high school and all we did. We were constantly listening to them. It’s still my alltime favorite to this day.

la folie is a welcome album in the stranglers’ oeuvre, mainly a collection of tight, punchy songs that often suggest the forthright approach of american new wave bands. with one exception, the songs are shorter and more pointed, harking back to the comparative conciseness of some of the tunes on the band’s first two albums, rattus norvegicus and no more heroes, though acidic lyrics still predominate. “non-stop” is a typical example, featuring a half-spoken vocal that suggests lou reed, a cars-influenced organ sound, and a bouncy, dance-derived drum beat

when alice in chains’ debut album, “facelift,” was released in 1990, the thriving seattle scene barely registered on the national musical radar outside of underground circles (although soundgarden’s major-label debut, “louder than love,” was also released that year and brought them a grammy nomination).

I’m not going to tag anyone, but anyone is welcome to join in!


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7 Responses to “Over at http://richmondspider.blogspot.com/ h…”

  1. I was so into Shawn as a kid! LOL. Yes, I admit it!

  2. And I thought I had an ecletic colletion… what great selections Derek. I must admit, I did listen to Shaun – and certainly lusted over him – especially all that hair… he and Andy Gibb. Well, now that I have TOTALLY embarassed myself, I am going back to my blog now…

  3. Loved your choices. Notably a Violent Femmes album would feature in my top 5

  4. shawn cassidy, no that is funnyshit

  5. Great selection…..and I remember my Sisters going beserk over shaun cassidy…..they saw him in concert LOL….brought home polaroid pics from the show!

  6. i seen a few on the covers in my mom and dads albums some i have even listen 2.

  7. That’s a fun post. I’m gonna do it this week. I LOVE Facelift. In fact, I was just listening to it the other day. Love Hate Love, We Die Young, Bleed the Freak and I Can’t Remember are just a few of my favorite AIC songs.

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