What I’m reading

The controversy has died down about this author, I thought I would write about this book since I’m reading it. I’ve had a lot of neck pain, so I find myself in bed reading more than usual. Not sure if Mike is used to it, but after hours of reading he walked in and snapped a picture pulling the book up. I wanted to read this before all the hoopla. I love Million Little Pieces and can’t’t put it down. I find it to be an encouraging book with great meaning. As I’m reading it, I did think that he was so far gone in the drug and alcohol world that he couldn’t have remembered everything exactly. So I’m not as upset as Oprah. Plus I write a lot like him, I exagerrate. It’s OK for me, because the meaning I’m getting out of the book is more important. It different than any book I’ve read before, and I liked that also. Today is my sister’s 32 birthday, I wrote a little about her over on my aol blog. http://journals.aol.com/deveil/CelebrationofMyExhistance/ Mike and I are going home to Georgia this weekend for her birthday party. We’re both looking forward to going.


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5 Responses to “What I’m reading”

  1. That’s another book on my list to read….hope your neck feels better!

  2. I hope you bill the publishers for marketing the book. The image of you holding it can sell me on it.

  3. Bro – I hate to gush, but you have the most beautiful eyes… hope the neck is better – neck and back pain – both hurt like a bitch – take care of yourself…

  4. Hey Derek, thank Mike for us, great pic, you guys be careful on the road to Ga. this weekend. Happy to hear you’re feeling better.

  5. Ok Derek….

    I know that this comment is way late, but heck I am just going through your blog and checking it out after commenting in your 4/22 post.

    Damn boy, what a hot, sexy shot! Big time bear WOOOOOOOF!

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