Hunk of the Week

Well this week, the hunk of the week is of my best friend in the world. David, who goes back way back to the 8th grade. We’ve been friends since way back then. Have you ever sat and thought about all the people that came into your life, and wondered why, I mean what they were brought to teach you. So many have come and gone, but I have one friend from childhood that is still and always will be my friend. We’re miles apart but everytime we get together we just sort of start where we left off. I miss Dave, I havn’t seen him since May of last year at my sister’s wedding, it was great seeing him then, and everytime we say we won’t wait so long to see each other, but as life has it, he lives in Tennessee, and I’m in Florida, and we just don’t get up there like I would like. He’s a great guy! I got to meet his wife last year too, and she was just great. I knew he’d find himself a beautiful wife full of life. Yep my hunk of the week this week is a straight man as you can see in the picture. He’s also my best friend. Dave if your reading this I was going to put some of the pictures of us when we were lifeguards but since this one is more recent, I used this one.


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2 Responses to “Hunk of the Week”

  1. Great post about your lifelong friend.

    Dare I be the first to encourage you to post the lifeguard pics anyway? 😉

  2. Straight hunks are some of the best men. No presure and they are sure nice too look at 😀

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