Wild Wedding

Man I am really tired. Today I shot a wedding early. 12:00. When I got there the groom was pretty drunk, he said he’d been drinking since 8 that morning, the bride had her whisky drink on the sink getting ready. It was a interesting wedding to say the least but I did get some good shot, some funny shots. Posted the big kiss just what you want to see their wedding kiss forever captured by a gay man. The funniest thing about the wedding to me was the best man was running late, and he actually showed up about 2 minutes till the wedding. The funny thing was it was someone I knew from way back. I knew quite well. Years ago when I had went out with him, I knew he wasn’t out, and he said no one knew about his lifestyle. So when he walked in and saw me, I saw all the air go out of the room for him. It kind of did for me as well. I was sitting a one of the tables by myself and he did come and talk to me, he actually sat at my table with me and asked how I’d been, then he proceded to ask if anyone knew about me at the wedding which, I said no, that wasn’t part of the questionaire they asked the photographer. He look relieved. Then part of the wedding party called him over and they all started partying. There were even those crazy wedding crashers that you see in the movie “Wedding Crashers”.


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6 Responses to “Wild Wedding”

  1. The pic was awesome. The story a classic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I bet he had more “butterflies in the stomach” than the bride did. The look on his face was probably priceless?

  3. How sad…to still be closeted. But the drunk couple sounds like a blast. It actually sounds like my Jacksonville relatives…uh-oh…I better make some phone calls and check!

  4. OK I updated the site just for you….

    I take you did not hook up with the closet case.

  5. I went to my first wedding a few months ago and I had a blast!

  6. Drunk couples at a wedding sounds like sum kinda fun!!!

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