Valentines Day

Love is a battlefield. Thanks to the ever-butchering hand of our society Valentine’s Day has become a day dreaded for things expected instead of a day revered for what a beautiful thing it really is to be in love. O.k. tell me to snap out of it, maybe it’s just from a day listening to all these ladies I work with whine that their husbands and boyfriends don’t love them if they don’t empty their wallets into silly trinkets that will be forgotten about within a week and men complain that they won’t get laid if they don’t empty their wallets for said trinkets. Or maybe it’s the big fuss I got in last night about nothing as usual. Although I did have dreams that I attacked Mike with a pencil stabbing into his neck. I knew the pencil was sharp so I made sure I used the eraser side, not to puncture, but I don’t know what happened, and the eraser went plundging into his neck, screams and yells were heard in my dreams from all directions, how could quiet mild mannered Derek do such a thing. I awoke with a jolt. Almost in tears. I guess this is what happens when you go to bed mad. I awoke that moment happy that it was just a dream. Happy and still loving him, even though he had told me to shut up only hours earlier. Next time he tells me that, I won’t be so nice and just shut up and go to bed, next time I’ll get it out, maybe that way at least I won’t go stabbing him in the neck with a pencil.I did awake happy and in love. Happy to be alive, happy for many things. Now I’m home from work, I wrote the above earlier at work today. Mood is better, cards have been opened. I even gave Mike one of these willowtree thing he likes. I got him the boy with the heart and this new one he commented on the other day of the girl with the blue birds on her, called Happiness. I’m happy to be alive. Maybe we just need to go strip down and take care of business. Not sure what it is. It’s just another day. My mood may change in a few hours. I need some afterglow. At least I know I don’t have to empty my pockets. I just want to feel that closeness. HOLD ME! How did I get to that place. I guess we all get there sometimes.
O.K. it’s later now, well later from my mood earlier today, yes I have jumped Mike, and yes, I’m feeling the closeness now. I couldn’t help it he was laying on the couch completely naked. We were headed out to dinner when I pulled him into the bedroom. So now it’s time to get off the computer and have a bit more of the afterglow and hug.

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2 Responses to “Valentines Day”

  1. Sweet! Good for you to be in love!

  2. Glad things are now good between you two. A romp in bed can do wonders for a relationship. 🙂

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