You have such a good memory

I got this from Spider.If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don’t speak often or don’t really know each other) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.It can be anything you want – good or bad – BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE. When you’re finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON’T ACTUALLY remember about you!And let the fun begin…

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10 Responses to “You have such a good memory”

  1. Oh Derek I remember that first meeting so well.

    It was at the Viking museum in Denmark. My favourite of all of them because of the fact you can partake in the exhibits.

    I had noticed you at the archery exhibit, you muscles pulling tight biceps rippling as you drew your bow with the sureness of a viking of old. You chest hair peering through the top of your button down shirt. You caught me staring and you and smiled. I smiled in return.

    I moved on to the next exhibit. wondering if I would run into you again. That night I went to the tented viking camp that forms part of the museum. I was more than a little thrilled to see my camp neighbour was that viking fantasy that is you sitting in front of a fire. The smell of woodsmoke in the air.

    I moved over to your fire and introduced myself. We talked late in to the night discussing viking legends of history. Needless to say that when we left the next day the astute camp attendant only charged us for one tent.

    I cannot look at a picture of Thor and not think of you and the good time we had in Denmark.

  2. Derek you old fuzzy dog you! Wow, you look great, not changed a bit! How’s Jacksonville treatin’ ya’? It’s been years since we’ve spoke or emailed hasn’t it? All I know is you’ve give the best bear hugs 🙂

    So yeah, I did manage to get safely back to NJ after that weekend where my car broke down in Jacksonville. You were my knight in shinning armor, remember? I’m there by the road side trying to fix my tire and you pull up to help. Could I have been anymore needy LOL? I’ve since dumped that car but will never get rid of the memory of our friendship.
    So yeah, I still wear my loose fit jeans and crazy t-shirts. You have to come up to NJ sometime so I can make you that home cooked Italian feast I promised you 🙂
    Stay well, stay fit and fuzzy 🙂



  3. Where do I begin, Derek? I had traveled to Nevada to an eccentric, but wealthy freind’s compound. He just had a sweat lodge built in the hills of his expansive property. And this would be an all-male experience. I was surprised, but excited, to see you already by the lodge taking off your clothes. I was looking at the wonderfully built body of yourse. As you were slipping off your underwear you looked up, saw me, and smiled that fabulous smile at me. I quickly strip off my things. You place your arm around me in a friendly hug, and lead me into the sweat lodge (you’re an old pro at this ceremony). I can’t quite separate what really happened and what was imagined in my mind – the hallucinagenic aspects of a sweat lodge can be very powerful. I only hope you remember the same memories I do.

  4. Derek – certainly you remember Bear Week at the Full Moon last year… I was but a cub and it was my first time there. I saw you across the backyard of the Moon – you had on your shorts, white socks and construction boots – your white cap and you were holing a beer. I was just in awe, and you started walking my way. I remember as you got closer you reached out your hand to shake mine and I passed out, hitting my head on the picnic table.

    The next thing I remember was that I was waking up – my face in your hairy chest and you were rubbing by hair and had put ice on my head. We were back in your room… I am sure you remember the rest… at least I HOPE you do, I sure do! I couldn’t walk straight for a week!

  5. An escape to the foothills of the North Ga. mountains, for a few days at Amicalola Falls was just what the doctor ordered and hiking the trails has always been one of my pleasures in life. The weather was cool and there was just a hint of a bite to the mountain breeze as it blowed through the trees. Remember, it was on this hike we met. We have laughed many a time over this now but at the time, to say the least, it was a bit awkward. There was a quietness in the air as I rounded the bend in the trail and decended down the path along the edge of the stream, when my eyes caught a glimpse of two guys up ahead. My approach was not noticed, half from the noise of the flowing stream and from the action taking place. There you and Mike was buck-assed naked, frolicking in the stream, laughing, splashing each other, the hoops and hollers ecohing out from the sting of the cold water. I thought about easing back up the trail from where I came but it was too late, you had seen me. There we all stood, staring at one another, I guess it was my laughter that broke the silence followed by your’s and Mike’s and the hand that had been cupping your slab of meat was now being extended in friendship. Damn, I don’t know how y’all talked me into getting in that water.

  6. Derek,
    You may not remember me, but I remember you. In fact, I have a reminder of you here in my house. Her name is Beulah, named after your favorite great aunt Theodora. I can’t stand the name Theodora so I name our baby Beaulah.

    I know it wasn’t fair of me, you being passed out and all. But you see, out here in the country there aren’t too many menfolk around and when I saw you by the side of the road trying to fix your flat tire, well…what’s a little knock on the head to a man like you? Anyways, if you don’t believe that Beaulah is yours, we can all go on Jerry Springer and get one of them DNA’s tests done and we’ll just settle it. By the way, you’re also a grandpappy. Beulah got 3 of her own now.

  7. these are wonderful, I’m really enjoying reading all these.

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day from Brazil, by the way!

  9. Hey man, was looking for the Valentine’s post? Oh well, Happy Valentine’s Day anyway.

  10. By chance we ended up in the same airport while a storm passed through. You were on your way to some place in the sun. I was just trying to get home. We started talking in the restaurant, and you just kept buying beer and beer, and shots of Jaegermeister. We weren’t going anywhere, so why not? I gave you a dollar to raise your tshirt and show off your fuzzy stomach. I ran out of one-dollar bills, and despite all my best efforts, you didn’t show any more.

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