A look back and my leather shorts, could this be a HNT

Do you ever go back and look at pictures of yourself and wonder who is that person. Yep that’s me wearing yet another pair of the shortest leather shorts I could find. I had a thing for wearing short shorts that goes back a long ways. I know I embarrassed quite a few of my friends going out in public. There’s still a part of me that wants to go out with the shortest pair of shorts I can find. Wonder where that one comes from. Maybe it was all those years of having that Daisy Duke poster hanging up on my wall as a teenager. This was taken at my first IML. I remember taking a taxi and going to some bear bar and meeting my friends Marco and Mark in Chicago. It was my first trip to Chicago. For some reason I decided to leave the bar wearing these shorts and walk back to the host hotel. I even walked by the Chicago baseball stadium wearing thse things. They were so tight, when I got back I had cut marks on my legs which ended my leather wearing shorts for the rest of the week anyway. Man if these shorts could talk.


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8 Responses to “A look back and my leather shorts, could this be a HNT”

  1. SEXY!!!!

  2. I am SURE the pics don’t do what was the real thing justice – and the pics are super WOOF, so I can imagine what the real thing was!

  3. um. wow. HOT. If they could talk I would be so willing to listen.

  4. Heheheh, I’m on the opposite extreme with shorts–anything above the knees makes me feel nekkid in a bad way. Thanks for sharing the pics though! I have a few from my past that I couldn’t imagine sharing on my blog.

  5. tom would be proud

  6. Some guys can really wear a pair of shorts — and you’re one of them!
    Lookin good….!

  7. You know I don’t get what the big deal is with men wearing short shorts. Only thing being if you’re going to be shoving your business up your leg every five minutes…better let me do it for you 😉 But I love guys legs. These diapers that the sports teams wear now are just a fashion shitstorm. God awful ugly and come on…we’re sitting to see what training has done to your body, not that I give two cents for sports in general but lets see some skin mister.
    Personally I think your shorts are fine. If anyone says anything to you…come sit next to me.


    Now I have fingerprints and wet tongue marks all over my monitor.

    Not to mention a confronting bulge and a strange throbbing ache!!

    Nice pics… nice shorts… how about some shots with them off? 🙂

    Oz sends hugs…

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