In the beginning

I think back to when I first met Michael. All I can say is the time he got out of his truck and I first laid eyes on him, I knew he was it. When I say it, what do I mean? Well a lot of things, one was he was very much the type of man that do it for me, hairy, beard, great body. He was a lot of things, but just getting to know him was wonderful. This was one of the first pictures I took of him in my place at the beach with one of my good friends Jay. When I first met him I was living by the beach, well one block from the beach. I had invited my good friend Jay down from Atlanta for the weekend, to meet this man that I had been seeing. They hit it off well, and J was very happy that I’d met the hairy man of my dreams so to speak. This is like the second picture I ever took of Mike. The first being the one on the intertube on the last entry on our first outing, down Itchatucknee Springs at a weekend event. He looked so mean in that first picture. He’s often labeled as the bad man, although I know better. I mean I was just looking on one of his pages he made in his homemade journals. He still has the first flower I ever gave him, all dried and on the page labeled the first flower Derek ever gave me. Sorry didn’t mean to imasculate him, but to me he’s a big sweetie most of the time. Posted by Picasa


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